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It's In The Bag: Wedding Favor Bag Ideas for your destination wedding

Your friends and family have traveled a long way, and spent a lot of money to be with you on your most special day. 

Of course, you are going to want to have something lovely to give them!  Here are some ideas for you Destination Wedding Favor Bag for your Belize Tropical Wedding on the beach (or in the jungle!)

The Bag

Carib Creations custom makes clothes and other items in their shop here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.   They have a large assortment of fabrics to chose from, or let them pick one for you from afar!  They can make you a simple drawstring tote thats perfect for tossing assorted items in when cruising, biking, snorkeling, or even hiking.  You can even have each bag monogrammed or embroidered with your names and wedding date as well!

The Contents

Perfect Wedding Favor
for your guests

1) Chocolate!  Who doesnt love chocolate? Did you know that Belize is known for their cacao beans?  Kakaw Chocolate makes some of the finest quality chocolate around, with 70% pure chocolate…this is some seriously good stuff!

2) Hot Sauce – Marie Sharps is some smokin’ hot stuff :) Everyone, for some reason, just love hot sauce.  Its a staple in every kitchen, even in the US and Canada, not just Belize!  Marie Sharps makes several varieties, from just wee bit of kick, to super-duper-burn-your-mouth-off stuff.

3) Belikin Item – you dont know it yet, but you or your fiance are about to become obsessed.  Belikin is the official beer of Belize, and is one of the only beers you can get, and it has gained almost cult following.  A bottle opener is a very handy and necessary item in a bag, and if it has Belikin on it, your guests will keep it for ages as a momento.

4) Neoprene Coozie Cup – It is the Caribbean, after all, and our little island does get HOT HOT HOT!  Your beer will get warm fast, and the ice in your cocktail will melt and water it down.  Carib Creations has come up with a very eco-friendly solution!  Using recycled neoprene wet suits, they can embroider your wedding dates and the name of your guest on the Coozie!  Personalized wedding favors…it doesnt get any better!

5) Sunblock – You’ll need it, for sure!  I highly recommend and earnestly request you find a biodegradable kind.  While harder to find, and more expensive, our very sensitive Barrier Reef System that will bring you so much joy, is damaged when the sunblock washes off as you snorkel about.  A biodegradable option makes fish happier :)

6) Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent – we have bugs sometimes.  Mosquitoes (mozzies as we call them) are a terror sometimes, but a little bug spray goes a long way!  Make sure to use one that also repels no-see-ums (sand flies).

7) Lip Balm with sunblock.  Lips get sunburned too!

8) Thank You Card – Although it might not make it in the gift bag, how about getting a shot like this done just as soon as you arrive (maybe not in the dress) and you can have them printed here on the Island and give them out while you are still here!  It also would make a great “thank you” to the hotel staff, tour operators, etc that you work with.  We really do get connected to the people that come spend time with us in our lives!

9) Jewelry – The La Isla Bonita has a number of people that sell hand made jewelry.  Alex, on the left here, is a DOLL of a kid, and he sells his mothers hand made beaded jewelry after school.  Although he looks like a wee pup, he’s actually 13 years old, so its a great after school job!   We can hand pick some very simple designs that you’re guests will love!

10)  Donation Card for the Belize Zoo – For a little “give back” how about making a donation to the Belize Zoo or the San Pedro Humane Society, SAGA in the honor of your nuptials, and your guests!  Animals love love too!

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It's In The Bag: Wedding Favor Bag Ideas for your destination wedding

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