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Chocolate Themed Wedding

The Coffee Themed Wedding idea from was such a great one. Then i realized, that here in Belize, we could take it up a notch both in style and experience, and we could also do it with Chocolate! Make sure to click the link in the article for dozens of darling ideas that, like my ideas below, can be done with both coffee and chocolate. So, here are my thoughts on a Chocolate Themed Destination Wedding in Belize.

First, your guests would receive a custom made cocoa powder packet with their invitation. We could customize something to include reference to your wedding date or future monogram…

Sample of an announcement and customized coffee and cocoa packets

Use Cocoa Powder instead of coffee to match your theme.

Of course, the drink of choice would the yummy “Dirty Banana” cocktail. Frothy, chocolaty, banana milkshakey adult cocktail that tastes like a smoothie. Local Noah Boah’s Chocolate sauce should line the glass then the bartenders concoction is added.

Photo and Dirty Banana Courtesy of Jaguar Reef Lodge

Upon arrival guests would have Kakaw chocolates, made here in San Pedro, on their pillows.

Check out these tables…we could have these custom made for your wedding…no table cloths needed! Each table is filled, of course, with local Belizean Cacao beans. How darling would it be to have photo’s of you and your guests under the glass? How much more fun to have a photo of you and the person seated at each place setting under the glass instead of place cards?

The Belize Chocolate Company

Black Orchid Spa offers special chocolate massages…the perfect treat for the bride and groom, or for a super fun girly party.

Some really awesome chocolate body products you could use, but i love them for Wedding Favors for your guests too…and so will they :)

Goodie bags for your guests could be filled with chocolate body butters, fresh natural cocoa butter, lip balms, oils and all sortsa yummy chocolate scented and flavored things you need :)

Then there is the Chocolate Wine. Yes. There Is A God and SHE Made Chocolate Wine! And as strange as it sounds, its as bizarrely

Chocolate wine

good as chocolate covered bacon, which is also ridiculously good, and would be an amazing chocolate appetizer or midnight snack for your guests at your reception.

Then of course, you and your guests could tour a chocolate factory, and depending on where in the country you get married, you could even make your own chocolate. What an absolutely unBelizeable memory to share with your guests.

The mugs, the spoons, the absolute rest of the incredibly cool, fresh, fun ideas can be done from the Coffee Themed Wedding Blog except we’d use Cocoa beans instead. Of course, we also have coffee, so we can do that too!! SOOO fabulous set in the Belize jungle or on the beach. The backdrop with this idea/theme is absolutely perfect to compliment….i’d so love to do this, so email me if you’d like to create your custom Chocolate Theme Wedding here in Belize :) We’ll have a blast!

Belize Destination Wedding expert Lara Goldman from Romantic Travel Belize answers your questions, doles out useful advice and shares her opinion about... well, everything! Lara's unique perspective is a breath of fresh air and exactly what you're looking for whether just for advice or for full service event planning.
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Chocolate Themed Wedding

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