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Things to look for when selecting a Destination Wedding Planner, photographer and vendors

As you contemplate and plan your destination wedding, the destination wedding planner you chose can make all the difference between a dream wedding or a nightmare.

Knowledge of the location:

Your wedding planner or coordinator is the person that is going to make your life a dream.� And as with most dreams, some things seem impossible…but to the skilled wedding planner, your dreams become reality…if they know the location.� The wedding planners in Belize know belize…if you want white orchids that arent grown in belize, your wedding planner can make it happen for you.

If you are working with a Destination Wedding Planner from the US, make sure they are partnering with someone in Belize (like me! :) ).�� I will then be able to help make sure that we are tailor making your dream wedding.


Whether we like it or not, someone’s personality can have a very real impact on your special day.� You dont want to be stressed and you certainly do not want to be “told” what you want.� You want someone that you can work with, someone that is going to be strong enough to guide you but not strong arm you.��� Your vendors need to be able to work with you.�� Please do bare in mind that a little honey goes a lot farther than a little vinegar, so be nice, and expect nice in return.


Although we all wish we were made of money, most of us arent.� Therefore, like it or not, budgets matter.� Everyone has their own way of spending their money, so far be it for me to tell you how to spend yours, however, i do think there are some basic tips and points you should consider.

When i had my destination wedding, the wedding photographer was the single most important thing to me.� Well, that and my fiance :) � While i was limited in what i could spend, i’m not a ‘foodie’, therefore, i chose to save money by eating out less (we had a kitchen where we stayed) and not skimping on the photographer and wedding planner.� You will look at those photos for the rest of your life, and you will want to make sure there are lots.

You will also want to make sure that your paperwork is properly filed and processed properly in Belize.� What price, peace of mind?

Think about your budget, and think about what will really matter to you 40 years from now.� You may or may not remember what you ate for dinner, but i guarantee you’ll remember if your photos are lousy and your paperwork not legal.

Creativity and Flexibility

I’m a big believer in “YES!”.��� When I was discussing my big belief in “YES”, a wedding planner i had lunch with yesterday said “The answer is ‘yes’.� Now, whats the question?”.�� This doesnt mean the person is looking to blow smoke up your skirt, it means they have a creative, problem solving mind, and the goal is to create your wedding…the destination wedding of your dreams.� Someone who believes in “YES” is going to work super hard to solve the problems, glitches, and hitches that are going to come along.

We are a very laid back place, our country Belize.� We can do what you want, how you want, and have the flexibility to make it happen.�� Last minute changes and additions, while not fun for anyone, are absolutely part of the business, and we all understand that.� We are a very accommodating place, and just truly want you to be happy here, love belize, and love your wedding.

Belize Destination Wedding expert Lara Goldman from Romantic Travel Belize answers your questions, doles out useful advice and shares her opinion about... well, everything! Lara's unique perspective is a breath of fresh air and exactly what you're looking for whether just for advice or for full service event planning.
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Things to look for when selecting a Destination Wedding Planner,
photographer and vendors

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