Belize Aggressor III

Charter Date: July 24 to July 31, 1999
Diving Guests: 18
Crew: 6 (Captain, Second Captain, Photo Pro, Video Pro, Chef, Stewardess - 4 of the 6 are instructors. 4 are native Belezian)
Dive Opportunities: 26 in 5.5 days
Visibility: 60' minimum to 100+
Weather: warm days (88 - 94), cool evenings (80-84), breezes all the time, partially cloudy throughout week, one line of squalls.

Crew Service: A
Food: A
Diving: A++++
Facilities: A

Boat Rules: return with 300 psi; dive computer; recreational limit depths; dive with buddy, group, or crew member as you wish - okay to return to boat alone.

Daily schedule began with cold breakfast at 6am followed by hot cooked to order breakfast at 7. First dive briefing, complete with detailed maps of the site. In water not later than 8:15. Fresh Baked snacks at 9:30. Second dive at same site. Lunch at 12:30. Move to new location and repeat briefing dive snack dive sequence. Dinner at 6pm. Night dive at afternoon site. Warm water rinse down your wetsuit after night dive by crew followed by hot chocolate. Movies, slides, games, books available. Tea, Lemonade, available 24 hours, Open Bar. Hot tub.

Perks: warm towels after every dive, fresh water showers on dive platform with shampoo and soap, fin storage on dive platform, lots of room at dive station, tanks refilled at station, rinse tanks, camera table, buoyancy workshop, table review, assistance with any skill for asking, ask a crew member to dive with you and you get a free lesson in something even if you don't know you are getting it. Free airport transportation, use of Radisson pool on Saturday am before your flight home, shore excursions arranged.

This is a professionally operated boat with exceptional crew members who go out of their way to insure the best possible dive vacation you could wish for. Although I traveled alone, I was welcomed by a group of divers from Atlanta and never lacked for someone to dive with. The dive sites are spectacular, the marine life thriving and more diverse than I thought possible, and there is one natural beauty after another to fill your mind with awe and wonder. The crew are experts in identification and locating life you wish to see. There are sheer walls falling to the abyss, swim throughs and tunnels to explore, and seemingly endless shallows (60 -30 feet) to explore to end each dive and lots to see as you make your safety stop. Specialty classes are available at costs competitive with the shop I use at home but my nitrox class was one on one with the instructor and a mother and daughter did their AOW class with just the two of them and the captain as the instructor.

We dove four times at Turneffe Island, multiple sites at Lighthouse Reef, and, of course, the great blue hole.

The blue hole dive was the only structured dive on the trip where everyone who dove went as a group with three divemasters and a videographer escorting us. With depths of 140 feet easily within this dive (and really nothing to see until 110 feet), the crew handled it perfectly, staged careful safety stops, and created a memorable experience out of a "been there - done that" dive. I'm glad I did the dive but would not make a special trip to Belize to do it again - there is just too much stuff to see instead.

I have no problems recommending the Aggressor III for anyone diving Belize and will start now trying to get a group together to either return to Belize or take another Aggressor Fleet charter. My best vacation ever.

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