San Pedro Town Council

Appointed duties of the Town Council Members

The new management of the San Pedro Town Council is wasting no time. After they were sworn in this past Thursday. they arranged another meeting to appoint each councilor's duties. Each councilor was given a different area in which they will responsible to carry out distinct tasks. The following are the duties of each new councilor:

Mayor Alberto Nuñez
Management & Finance- Mayor Alberto Nuñez Sr.
  • To supervise and control all financial matters of the Council.
  • Be responsible for the overall management of the Counil
  • Be responsible for the construction, control, care, and management of streets (Sec.24), piers, drains, and bridges.
  • Chairman of Trade License Board [Sec.59 (b)].
  • Coordmate activities of all utilities (Sec. 25).
  • Responsible to fix-and supervise collection of property taxes [Sec.59 (e)J.
  • Supervise the disposal of properties of the Council [Sec. 29 (h)] Organize and run with the assistance ance of the Councilors, fund raising activities to of the Councilors, fund raising activities to Supplement expenditures of the Council.

    Deputy Mayor Baldemar Graniel
    Town Planning- Deputy Mayor Baldemar Graniel
  • Revise and update the Master Plan and Town Planning.
  • Responsible for the naming, numbering and lighting of streets [Sec 24, 12 (g)].
  • Study, improve and supervise the efficient running of the Fire Service.
  • Supervise the Ambergris Caye Planning Committee.

    Pedro Vasquez

    Community Projects- Councilor Pedro Vasquez

  • Study and recommend how, where and when can a general market be built [Sec. 29 (a)(b)].
  • Construct public toilets at strategic positions in town.
  • Regulate and control all street vendors.
  • Supervise on a daily basis the Foremen for (a) Beach cleaning and (b) Street cleaning and garbage collection.

    Santiago Acosta
    Councilor Santos Acosta
  • Study and recommend where, how and when can a civic center [Sec.29 (f)(g)], a hurricane shelter and a town hall can be built.
  • Help foster and promote all types of sports especially at amateur level and activities.
  • Responsible for the publicity of the Council's work and maintain good public relations, e.g. produce a Council's quarterly magazine and invite the general public to attend the Town Council quarterly meetings.

    Traffic- Councilor Domingo Perez
  • Control of motor vehicles onto the island.
  • Regulate street traffic.
  • Supervise Public Roads injury.
  • Supervise the Liquor Licensing Board.

    Omar Arceo
    Civic Development- Councilor Omar Arceo
  • Establishment of a new cemetary.
  • Coordinate and improve the Library service, Neighborhood Watch, Special Constable Committee tourism Organization and Education.

    Mel Spain
    Town Beautification- Councilor Mel Spain
  • Improve and maintain existing parks and establish new ones.
  • Landscape the streets.
  • Create new recreational facilities.
  • Create, coordinate and liaison with all women organizations.

    March 30, 2000
    San Pedro Town Council News Release

    Release from. the desk of Councilor Santos Acosta (Public Relations, Human & Infrastructure Development Officer)

    As part of my responsibilities described in my portfolio. I am in charge of keeping the community informed of the work of your Town Council. I will be periodically briefing the community on the progress and work of the San Pedro Town Council 2000-2003

    In our first meeting as a council it was decided by consensus that all the members, except the Mayor, would take up a part, time job. From past experience and analysis, it was agreed that everyone can handle their responsibilities on a part time basis since the work had been shared out amongst everyone and the commitment was made by all to be responsible enough to follow up in their area of assignment. Furthermore, with the Mayor having three 'years experience all councilors agreed that they would work in close collaboration with him, as he was capable enough to carry along with his existing staff. In the same scenario, after much discussion and after everyone had voiced their opinion, it was decided that. the services of' Mr. Leo Cuellar as an advisor be kept therefore taking advantag of his para-1egal knowledge and experience in dealing with Central Government. The portfolios of each councilor will take advantage of their strengths and working experience.

    Election of Officers
    Mr. Baldemar Graniel was elected Deputy Mayor and it was decided that for more effectiveness, two- foremen be hired on a probational basis using persons already on the work. force. Mr. Pedro Vasquez was appointed Community Development Officer to supervise the foremen and to identify small projects to ensure that the Council's work be carried out in an acceptable manner.

    Quorums for meetings were discussed and it was decided that five members had to be present for a meeting to be official. The signatories of the bank Would be two out of the Mayor. Deputy Mayor or the Community Development Officer. As reported in the local media, the town of Cherryville North Carolina has donated a fire truck to San Pedro, however, $1500.00 US is needed to pay the freight from Miami. The Town Council voted to pay this money to have the truck brought down for the benefit of the town, and hopes that Central Government will reimburse this money. It was also agreed for the purchase of a brush mower to help in the cleaning of the streets, parks, and sport fields.

    Policy Decisions
    1. No approval for buildings more than three stories high.

    2. Enforcement of laws relating to encroachment of public beaches.

    3. Solution to street vendors problem.

    4. Solution to food vendors problem.

    Your Town Council believes in accountability and these periodic reports are designed to keep you abreast of our work and progress. Please feel free to call 226-2198 for any opinion or complaint. Talk to any of your elected officers for a better working relationship since we all know that only through proper communication will we achieve better understanding with one another.

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    Photos Courtesty of the San Pedro Sun

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