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Green Reef hosted a group of thirty teachers for the 7th Annual Teacher's Study Tour (sponsored by the Belize Zoo Education Department) Wednesday, August 11 at the San Pedro Town Hall. The focus of this year's tour was the impact that inland activities have on the marine environment.

Mayor Nunez welcomed the group of teachers to San Pedro and emphasized the importance of their role in the future of Belize's youth. Green Reef, the local marine conservation non-government organization, followed by giving a presentation covering basic reef ecology, paying particular attention to the negative impacts caused by agriculture, industry, and aquaculture activities. These activities impact the coastal environment by introducing pollutants. such as agrochemicals, to the water and consequently threatening the health of the reef. Solutions to these impacts, such as enforcement or regulations. were suggested, but Green Reef emphasizes that true change must begin on an individual level. The presentation concluded with a question and answer session.

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On Thursday, Green Reef took the group out to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. For many teachers, this was not only their first time to the reef, but their first time swimming. As they snorkeled, the teachers received a basic introduction to different coral and fish species. I can't wait to get back to the classroom and tell my students about what I've just seen!" exclaimed one teacher. Ultimately, the primary objective of the study tour was precisely that, to transfer enthusiasm and awareness of the country's environment to the youth of Belize. Visiting San Pedro and particularly the reef was a great start to meeting this objective.

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