Our Community - Ruben Trejo - "Living his dream in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 12            March 23, 2000

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Ruben Trejo

As we travel into this new decade and century, we continue to search for ways to improve our lifestyles and businesses. The community of San Pedro has been known to always move ahead for the betterment of all. As we enter the year 2000, businesses have ensured they are up-to-date with the ever changing technology and operations. Those of us fortunate to have lived to see it, put emphasis on surpassing people's expectations in our daily work, something we strive for, today and in the past. What better way of explaining this motivation than by featuring a young man who has proven that dreams can come true if one really desires - Mr. Ruben Trejo, Chief Pilot for Maya Island Air.

    Born to Fernando and Fe Trejo, Ruben was the youngest in a family of five sisters and four brothers. He grew up living a humble life in the laid-back village of San Pedro, attending San Pedro Roman Catholic School and High School graduating in 1984. Having completed his high school education he was faced with the reality of choosing a job. Ruben knew exactly what he wanted. As a young boy he was fascinated by the sights and sounds of the small aircraft departing the San Pedro Airstrip and disappearing into the deep blue sky. The thought of him being the one piloting the aircraft exhilarated him. He knew that this was his calling but reality soon struck and for a variety of reasons he was unable to pursue his dreams at the time. In the interim, he went to work with Mr. Ray Bowers. Being at sea for about two weeks made him realize that life as a seaman was not to his liking and soon after he left this job.

    Ruben's dreams of becoming a pilot were not totally shattered, so in an effort to be closer to his dream he went to work for Tropic Air as a baggage handler. He saw this as the beginning of a possible career in the aviation business. His perseverance paid off four years later when he was offered an opportunity by his brother Nando, a pilot himself, to study aviation abroad.    

   In 1988, Ruben eagerly left San Pedro for Hydes Aviation School in Ohio, USA to realize his dreams of becoming a commercial pilot. He endured six months of dedicated studying and training while working part-time as a janitor to earn some pocket money. Ruben was rewarded by being certified as a multi-engine instrument commercial pilot, the requirement to fly in Belize.

    Back in San Pedro he returned to Tropic Air. For five months he accumulated the flying hours required to fly commercially. In 1989, his brother Mr. Fernando Trejo, started his own airline, naming it Island Air. Ruben proudly joined the airline's ranks as a pilot. Shortly after one year of business, Island Air expanded to include more aircrafts and employees and Ruben was promoted to Chief Pilot. With Island Air's progress came new models of airplanes, so Ruben returned to the US to undergo the training needed for the newly acquired aircraft. This time it was a type-rating course for a Piper Navajo in Lakeland, Florida.

    His training over and his job secured, Ruben joined his life in marriage to Johnna Pearly on November 11th, 1995. They are the proud parents of a lovely two and a half year-old daughter, Lauren Virginia.

    In December of 1997, Island Air merged with Maya Airways to form Maya Island Air. Today Ruben supervises thirteen pilots, making sure that day-to-day operations are running smooth. He says the main priority of the Chief Pilot is to make certain the rest of the team maintains professionalism, good behavior and a good attitude towards their clients. Mr. Trejo has been living his dream for over ten years now. Ruben told the San Pedro Sun, "From the time I started working in the aviation business, I have seen a drastic increase in tourism. I believe this is a direct result of our expansion."

    Ruben Trejo looks into the future with great enthusiasm. He foresees himself in the business for quite a long period. The days of looking into the sky for the passing airplanes is over for him. It is now someone else's turn to look up as Ruben flies off into the deep blue sky, a man responsible for safely flying passengers to their destination - "Our Community".

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