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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 15            April 13, 2000

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Dali Guerrero

Last week the San Pedro Sun reported that Miss Shiemicka Richardson will represent Belize at the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant to be held on the island of Cyprus. The chance to be a part of this event is one that many young ladies dream about but only few realize. The process of choosing a beauty ambassador to represent a country is a lengthy one. Belize has long been a participant in this pageant yet only once has Miss Belize been a semi-finalist. For Belize to send an ambassador, a national pageant is held and the winner is sent to participate. Some years ago, San Pedro had no chance to be a part of this event, as our young ladies would not participate in the Miss Belize Pageant. Nevertheless, the courage and determination of one young San Pedrana finally broke the ice. The first Miss San Pedro to enter this contest was Miss Dali Guerrero, Miss San Pedro 1981.

    Dali was born in San Pedro on February 22nd, 1963 to Clotilda and Efrain Guerrero. Coming from a big family of seven brothers and two sisters she was blessed with lots of affection and love throughout her childhood years and beyond. She graduated from San Pedro High School and continued her studies at St. John's College in Belize City earning an Associates Degree in Business Science in 1981.

    Dali had blossomed into a beautiful young lady and at the age of 18 the San Pedro September Celebrations Committee offered her the opportunity to be a contestant for the Miss San Pedro Pageant. Fresh out of college and full of confidence she accepted the challenge. Dali, who had no previous experience in this field, competed against six other contestants in a pageant requiring them to appear in swimsuit, sports and evening wear, in addition to participating in a question and answer session. The pageant, held at the town's theatre (now Tarzan's Discotheque), was a fun and exciting experience for Dali, who at the end of the night was crowned Miss San Pedro 1981. Still exhilarated over her win, she was given another surprise. For the first time ever, the San Pedro Celebration Committee decided to send a Miss San Pedro to compete for the title of Miss Belize. Dali was coaxed into accepting this bigger challenge. She recalls that her aunt, Miss Adelita Bouloy was the person who really stood by her throughout this special part of her life. Just days after winning the title of Miss San Pedro, she was off to make history as San Pedro's first beauty ambassador at the Miss Belize Pageant. Dali's outstanding performance at this event paved the way for other young aspiring San Pedranas to participate. Even though she did not win the crown, she managed to be in the top seven semi-finalists of the total 27 participants. Dali says the pageant was, "a very exciting and fun experience." She received first-class training from Miss Sarita Acosta, the only Miss Belize to be a semi-finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant.

    Dali's participation in the Miss Belize Pageant made her a celebrity in San Pedro and one year later she was chosen as Miss San Pedro Lions. Once again she was on stage, competing against contestants from the various district clubs, this time winning the Miss Amity award as well.

    Miss Guerrero then took a break from pageantry life and went to work at different establishments in San Pedro. Her academic background immediately opened business doors for her and she found herself working at places like Tropic Air, managing Rock's Inn and in the accounts department at Island Air. Today she is an accountant and supervisor at the San Pedro Branch of Maya Island Air.  

    Eventually because of Dali's experience in these pageants, she was approached by organizers of the Costa Maya Festival for her assistance in coordinating the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant. She gladly accepted and since then has been working hand-in-hand with the contestants of this prestigious pageant, who represent the five Mundo Maya countries. She has also helped organize the Miss San Pedro Pageant and acted as a judge for the Miss Chiquitita Pageant.

    Dali told the San Pedro Sun that by no means does she regret the times she participated in pageants. In fact, she encourages young ladies to enter contests whenever the opportunity arises. She firmly states that these events are a learning experience in which you develop a great sense of self-respect and self-confidence in addition to making life-time friendships. Even though Dali has shone amongst beauty queens she has not lost her humble qualities. Miss Dali Guerrero has made history as the first Miss San Pedro to enter a Miss Belize Pageant and is still a fine ambassador to San Pedro. More importantly, she will always remain a queen in "Our Community."

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