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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 16            April 20, 2000

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Colleen and Glen invite you to sample their wines

Now available to complement an already marvelously mouthwatering experience at the Rendezvous Restaurant is their new house wine. Rendezvous Estates Wine is yet another tasty enterprise of owners Glen and Colleen Schwendinger.

    The couple produced their wines for seven years while living in Canada. After opening their restaurant on Ambergris Caye, they saw the need for a locally produced house wine. On a return trip to Canada they purchased the necessary equipment and supplies to start their new enterprise.

    Rendezvous' wine manufacturing process includes fermenting concentrated grape juice in glass casks for a total of 30 days before bottling. Once bottled, the wine is stood upright for ten days and then laid on its side for another ten days to wet the cork. Current production stands at 600 bottles per month but plans are underway to double their production to 1200 as a result of increased demand. Because of this growth, Rendezvous is also projecting an increase in their employment of workers and is currently looking for experienced sales representatives across Belize.

     When at Rendezvous Restaurant, you may try a nice Pinot Chardonnay from the Rendezvous Estates Wine list as a nice addition to the scrumptious Seafood Sour Curry or with Rendezvous' specially prepared prawns. The delectable Red Zinfandel is very smooth and a perfect accent to the Thai Pepper Pork. Their next wine production will include a fine Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In addition, Rendezvous has renovated a building on their property to house a formal wine manufacturing and tasting area. Tours will be available for retailers upon request.

    Described by many as "very drinkable," these wines may also be purchased when dining or for pleasure at other fine establishments including Journey's End, The BoatYard and Fido's. Rendezvous Estates Wine will be available for wholesale buyers shortly and businesses may call 3426 for a wine tour and tasting. Before you know it, you will be able to pick up a bottle to take home when local supermarkets and stores will be given the opportunity of carrying it for sale at retail prices.

    So make your reservations today for the "Rendezvous Experience," and sample the "Vineyards of San Pedro" - Rendezvous Estates Wine!

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