Headline - Our Community - Ana Wade - "Her ship came in at the Pier"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 17            April 27, 2000

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Ana Wade

You may want to call it destiny or not, but some people are where they are today having never imagined they would ever be there. Some say it is fate, some say it is will power and determination. Whatever it may be, this week's personality came to San Pedro looking for something very special but found much more than she had bargained for - Ms. Ana Wade.

    Ana was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala on December 21st, 1959 and grew up with a single father. She completed her elementary education and three years of high school at an all-girl Catholic school called Colegio Casa Central. At the tender age of sixteen, Ana gave birth to her first child. She knew that in order to survive and care for her young child she would need to work hard. She sought employment at "Los Pops" ice cream parlor in Guatemala City. Ana's determination to give her child a proper upbringing encouraged her to work hard and soon she gained the trust of her employer, Mr. Mario Tobush. Mr. Tobush valued Ana's loyalty at work and in return paid for her to continue her schooling. She enrolled at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticos for three years majoring in arts and crafts, specializing in ceramics. After graduation she went to work for Marie Ann's Ceramic Shop as a teacher and after only four months was promoted to general manager.

    Now knowing the true meaning of motherhood, Ana felt the need to meet her own mother and started an investigation to locate her. Her findings indicated that she had family living in the Cayo District in Belize, so she found the courage to move there. Finding out that her mother was working in San Pedro, she frequented the island on a regular basis. After being reunited with her mother she decided to stay in San Pedro where she had made friends like  Freddie Waight, Jim Wade, Trish Carter, Woody Canaday and others. In time, she married Jim Wade and together they worked at Los Renegados hotel on the northern end of the island. Their place became a popular one, frequented by tour guides who would take their clients there for picnics. Ana would take care of preparing and serving the buffet for the guests. After five years though, Ana separated from her husband and moved back to town to start all over again.

    Ana, who was no stranger to work, immediately started making money at whatever job was available. She did housekeeping duties, was a waitress and even did personalized shopping in the city for people of the island. Ana says her big break came when the former owner of The Pier Lounge, Carol Thorpe, gave her the opportunity to be a bartender. With the help of Freddie Gonzalez, Chico Flores and Mike Campos, Ana soon became a "pro". After working at The Pier for three years, she moved on to the Purple Parrot Bar at Ramon's Village. It was there she met her current "better half", Jim Hanna. Three years later Jim purchased The Pier Lounge and Ana returned to work there as the administrator. Today she is the owner of The Pier Lounge, still a popular party spot for many locals and visitors. Ana's never-ending challenge of success has gotten her where she is today.

    Ana supports San Pedro for she has chosen it to be her home town, in every way possible. She is a member of the San Pedro Police/Citizens Committee, the South-End Neighborhood Watch and has donated her time and money to many fundraisers and town functions. Ana told the San Pedro Sun, "I feel that I am a very fortunate person. Coming from Guatemala, I have found the peace and tranquility I was looking for here in San Pedro and would not change it for anything. Everywhere I go, I am greeted with a friendly smile or hello; this makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I have been embraced by this community and I appreciate it wholeheartedly."

    Ana came to Belize and San Pedro over eighteen years ago. She found what she was looking for: a family, friendship and a place to call home. Ana reciprocates that love every time she is given the opportunity. She is a true friend, a great businesswoman and dedicated to Our Community.

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