San Pedro Lions Club entertain convention "Carnaval Style"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 18            May 4, 2000

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San Pedro Lions Queen brings life to the parade with Carnaval costume

Make yourself felt needed" was the theme for the 23rd Annual District 59 Lions Convention held in Belmopan City April 28th - 30th, 2000. The Belmopan Convention Hotel was the venue for this year's event and the San Pedro Lions Club (SPLC) participated in full force. As the official program commenced, it was our island's Lions Club that took center stage. During the parade of Club Queens and Presidents, Miss San Pedro Lions in her stunning evening gown was definitely the star of the night. Throughout the evening, each club presented their own moment of entertainment. The San Pedro Lions Club was represented by members of the San Pedro Dance Company who delighted the crowd with their dances and extravagant costumes. After the official speeches, which included International Director, Dr. Fernando Rojas; District 59 Governor, Leonides Cuellar; Belmopan's Mayor, Anthony Channona and Prime Minister Said Musa, the hospitality booths were opened to conventioneers. The SPLC chose a Carnaval motif throughout the convention. Their booth was decorated in attractive colors and featured balloons, fluorescent flags and beads. As usual, the booth attracted many for a taste of San Pedro's popular conch ceviche, conch fritters and more. Conventioneers, Lions, guests and many friends spent quality time during this part of the convention, greeting and speaking to their friends that only come together one time every year.
Lions Internation Director Dr. Fernando Rojas and wife (left) with San Pedro Lions Queen and members
    Saturday morning was set aside for various work sessions, seminars, the selection of Region Chairman and other key decisions. Lion and Dr. Chris Bennett was elected Region Chairman and San Pedro was chosen as the next convention site. Instead of the usual outing Saturday afternoon it was agreed that conventioneers be involved in a significant action or deed that would remain as a symbol of their participation in the convention. Lions and friends got together for a tree-planting ceremony, symbolizing their faith in the future and their commitment to improving the quality of their environment. Twelve mahogany trees were planted by the clubs and invited guests. In the evening, the anticipated Club Queen presentation took place and again it was San Pedro represented by Luisana Nuñez who made a lasting impression. Luisana's presentation incorporated participation from the members of the club and depicted the evolution of Carnaval in San Pedro. The stage came to life as comparsas  Las Cubanitas, El Torito and Las Rancheritas filled the air with a sense of that unique festivity that is Carnaval. The members of the San Pedro Dance Company were a great addition to the presentation as they represented today's street dancers during Carnaval. Without a doubt, the highlight of the show was Luisana's dance presentation in her extravagant costume which many present said was fit for Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. No buts about it, San Pedro's presence was the overall best entertainment of the convention. The crowd then enjoyed an all-night dance with Sam Hamilton and his band.

    On Sunday, the day began with Ecumenical Church Services at St. Ann's Anglican Church followed by the Lions parade around the Ring Road. Although no music was provided, the SPLC managed to make the best of the situation. They joyfully paraded, dressed in matching outfits with the theme "San Pedro Lions Club - We serve in the Carnaval of Life." The parade ended at the Lions Den for lunch with a presentation of awards and prizes. The Club returned home with first prize for the best organized group. San Pedro Lion and Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer, Ruben Gonzalez,  received two symbolic awards: the Governor's Appreciation and International President's Appreciation Awards.

    The San Pedro Lions Club wishes to acknowledge all those businesses who advertised in the Lions booklet and who helped make San Pedro's participation easier. Special thanks to Tropic Air for their discounted rate to all conventioneers and to the San Estevan Lions Club for facilitating the transportation to Belmopan. Special thanks to Luisana Nuñez and her parents for their tireless work on her successful presentation. Many thanks to the San Pedro Dance Company for their talented participation and to the friends who traveled with the club to support them. A special thank you goes out to Mr. Manuel Ancona Jr. for taking on the task of putting together the queen's presentation, helping with the hospitality booth and parade, and for his ever-original ideas shared with the club and the Convention Chairman. To everyone that helped make the convention a success in one way or the other, the San Pedro Lions Club thanks you.
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