Gabriela Nuñez crowned Miss Chiquitita 2000

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 19            May 11, 2000

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Miss Chiquitita Gabriela Nuñez

Central Park was filled to capacity Saturday evening to witness the annual Miss Chiquitita Pageant. This event has become one of the most anticipated events of the year in which talented young girls demonstrate their dancing, modeling and speaking skills. Although last year the pageant was not held because of an over abundance of social activities throughout the year, organizers were determined to hold the pageant earlier this year.

    Five charming young girls, ages six to eight years of age vied for the title. The contestants were Ilsa Gabriela Nuñez, Kristy Marin, Rocio Ruiz, Thalia Pech and Lizette Vasquez. Miss Chiquitita 1998, Paula Guerrero gave the official welcome address and participated in a dance selection by past Miss Chiquititas including Jean Surentine and Jeannine Ruiz. The colorful outfits and festive dance numbers were just the beginning of what was a night of fun entertainment.

    The contestants made their first appearance in swimsuit attire and formally introduced themselves. The five girls then gave the audience a treat as they brought back the 40s style of dance - The Can Can. Their second appearance, the talent presentation, was the crowd's favorite as the girls imitated the music of their favorite artists by dancing to the likes of Gloria Estefan, Noelia, Thalia, Shakira and Square One. The contestants then illuminated the night as they waltzed their way across the stage accompanied by their young chaperons who then presented them with a rose.

    The difficult task of selecting Miss Chiquitita 2000 was in the able hands of a prestigious panel of judges consisting of Mrs. Betty Longsworth, Mrs. Celi Jeanne Varela, Mrs. Rocio Azueta, Miss Vanya Vasquez and Mrs. Beverly Coons. Tabulating the scores were Ms. Dali Guerrero and Ms. Melita Guerrero. Before the winner was announced, the contestants showed their appreciation to their chaperons by presenting them with a gift and kiss. The gathering then asked to choose Miss Popularity by their applause with the outcome being a tie between Rocio Ruiz and Gabriela Nuñez who shared the sash. Miss Amity, who is chosen by the contestants, went to Rocio Ruiz and Miss Photogenic to Kristy Marin. Then it was time to announce the winner who received a commemorative gold pendant with "Miss Chiquitita 2000" engraved on it. The title and prize went to six year-old Gabriela Nuñez. Gabriela is the daughter of Gaby and Sara Nuñez, and will hold the title, sash and scepter of Miss Chiquitita 2000. The remaining contestants each received a crown and many great prizes. Congratulations to the winner and all the participants for putting on a wonderful show.

    Special thanks to organizers Martina Tome and Ilna Nuñez for organizing this marvelous pageant. Many thanks to the San Pedro Town Council, Island Kids, Cottage Enterprises, El Patio Restaurant and Moon Dancer for sponsoring the participants. Much appreciation also to the San Pedro Dance Company and Barbara's Dance Group for their entertainment during intervals, the judges, San Pedro Pre-School for providing food and drinks, and all those who made Miss Chiquitita 2000 a memorable event.
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