Petition filed for Electric Vehicles

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 20            May 18, 2000

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At the beginning of April a meeting was held regarding the overwhelming traffic problem and the number of vehicles on Ambergris Caye. Attending this affair were Mayor Alberto Nuñez, Deputy Mayor Baldemar Graniel, representatives from the Police/Citizens Advisory Committee, Traffic Committee, Town Council and the Police Department. Among the 20 plus parties present it was unanimously voted to draft a petition to put forth to the concerned people of San Pedro. It was allegedly stated by the Mayor at the meeting that with a minimum of 2000 signatures, the petition could be made an ordinance and put into effect.

    Reported at the meeting was the number of tourists to La Isla Bonita, that have been returning to the island off and on for the last five to ten years, who say the traffic situation is the worst they have ever seen it. Because of the large vans, narrowing of streets, suffocating dust and the congestion, many say they are not returning to the island. It has even been said our traffic problem is worse than the crime, and that something drastic needs to be done to address this.

    The authors of the petition being circulated are now asking the concerned public to aid them in their quest by signing a copy of the petition stated below. Anyone needing more information or a copy to sign may contact the Mayor or any Town Councilor at 2198.


   The number of vehicles on San Pedro has been growing at an incredible rate. Even if more restrictions are placed on those who can bring new vehicles to San Pedro, the population is growing at such a rapid rate that hundreds of new vehicles will be brought onto the island in the next few years. Paving the streets is one solution but the sand streets is a part of the ambiance of San Pedro and is one of the things tourist love that set us apart from most other tourist destinations. Paving the narrow streets does not take care of parking, the excess traffic or speeding. Therefore the types of vehicles brought onto the island must be restricted.

    We, the undersigned people of San Pedro, want all future vehicles brought onto this island to be limited to electric golf carts, taxis included. The only exception would be: 1. Dump trucks limited to five cubic yard boxes for delivery of sand, rocks and gravel. 2. Tractors and trailers for the delivery of large goods and building materials.

    This means there would be no more automobiles, pick-ups, motorcycles, SUV's, vans or light trucks allowed to be brought onto the island.

    "Golf carts only" has been established in other communities around the world that are even larger than San Pedro and it is working well and giving charm to these cities. Electric charging stations would have to be established at the airport and downtown for the taxis.

    Consideration needs to be given to permanently closing Barrier Reef Drive with posts that can be slipped out easily for emergency vehicles. Land will need to be set aside for parking at the south end of town for all the development that is now going on, clear down to the end of the island. Parking will also need to be established at the north end of town for all of that traffic that will be coming to town when the bridge is installed and the new community developed.

    Owners of vehicles stored overnight on public streets must lose their permit for that vehicles, as San Pedro's narrow streets leave no room for vehicle storage.
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