San Pedro Dance Company performs for parents - Wisconsin Dancers visit La Isla Bonita

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 10, No. 27            June 29, 2000

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Visiting dancers with Tina Lendman and Rosita Balthazar (back row) with members of the SP Dance Co. who will travel to Wisconsin (front row)

Members of the San Pedro Dance Company held a special presentation last Sunday in honor of their parents and invited guests. Held at the Coral Sand Convention Center, the show, like all performances by the Dance Company was one that showcased exceptional talent, discipline and overall top-quality entertainment. The San Pedro Dance Company was also celebrating the arrival of Ms. Tina Lendman and some of her students from Wisconsin, USA.

    Ms. Lendman has been a friend of the Company for over a year now. Tina owns "The Dance Factory" studio where over 400 dancers are enrolled. After last year's meeting with the directors of the dance company Tina invited two San Pedro dancers to return with her for two-weeks of dance training. Senior dancers Luisana Nuñez and Ceci Lara were selected for this scholarship. A mutual friendship was born then and now Ms. Lendman has returned with nine of her students to stay in San Pedro and practice closely with the local dancers. The visiting dancers are staying at Lily's Hotel while Ms. Tina and two chaperons are staying at Royal Palm Resort. Apart from sharing dance techniques with the local dancers, the visiting team will do some community work and visit other destinations throughout the country including Chaa Creek, Mt. Pine Ridge, Caye Caulker and San Ignacio. The group will depart on July 10th, 2000.

Members of "The Dance Factory" visiting San Pedro
Dancers perform for parents and guests
    Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Vilma Villanueva, began the program with a short invocation in honor of this event. Area Representative Patty Arceo was the guest speaker and also welcomed the international dancers to San Pedro. After the formal part of the program, the members of the  Dance Company quite appropriately opened the show with "Welcome to San Pedro" waving the Belizean and USA flags. Dance Teacher, Miss Rosita Balthazar of the Belize Dance Company also took time to welcome the group and to say a few words on behalf of the Company. Ms. Lendman then introduced the visiting dancers who performed four classical ballet dances leaving the audience in awe with their wonderful interpretation of this delicate art. The San Pedro Dance Company performed sixteen of their top-dance selections throughout the evening. The combination of the two dance groups gave the audience a real treat. But unfortunately, while everyone was having a great time, a sad moment was felt as the group bid farewell to some of the dancers. Senior dancer, Ceci Lara, was one of the original dancers of the company who enjoyed her last performance that evening. On a happier note, special recognition was given to Finley Halliday for being the first male to join the Company, thus paving the way for many others.

    Before the program came to a complete end, a special announcement was made. The efforts of all the dancers were recognized but only nine of the dancers were selected to travel to Wisconsin for two-weeks of training: Tatiana Rivero, Almita Pinelo, Liliana Nuñez, Roxanne Bradley, Sofia Guerra, Tracy Eiley, Debbie Graniel, Emily Verde and Finley Haliday. Also traveling with the local dancers will be Luisana Nuñez who will assist Ms. Tina in teaching Belizean cultural dancing at The Dance Factory in the states. The parents of the selected group then joined their children on stage as a sign of their approval. The team will depart San Pedro on July 10th, 2000 and will practice five hours daily for two weeks. The San Pedro Dance Company and The Dance Factory of Wisconsin have established a special relationship while bringing together the dancers from both countries.   

    The San Pedro Dance Company wishes to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Lendman for her support and friendship. A special thank you goes out to "Jimbo" Vasquez and his team of workers for helping to set up for this event. Thanks also to everyone else that has helped the dance company in one way or another ensuring its success.
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