Baldemar Graniel enters the race for PUP Standard Bearer

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 12            March 22, 2001

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Baldemar Graniel Sr.

Well-known San Pedro resident and active community leader, Baldemar Graniel Sr. has announced his candidacy for standard bearer for Belize Rural South. Mr. Graniel, who boasts a clean record in the political arena, says he will contribute a lot to the proper development of this community by serving as Area Representative for Belize Rural South.

    If given the opportunity, Mr. Graniel says he will continue to serve both communities (San Pedro and Caye Caulker) with pride and dignity. He believes that together "we can accomplish more". Mr. Graniel vows to work in partnership with all people to bring much needed attention to our islands.

    Mr. Baldemar Graniel has a long history when it comes to serving his community. He was one of the founders and first members of the San Pedro Volunteer Fire Service. He served as Vice President of the Caribeña Cooperative for eight flourishing years. He believes strongly in education and is a voluntary monthly contributor to the high school. He further stated, "I believe that education is the most vital factor in San Pedro's development." Mr. Graniel has served as a member on the Board of Directors of the San Pedro Football Club and remains a supporter of sports. He has been a member of the San Pedro Lions Club for 25 years during which time he has served two terms as President and as District Governor in 1997/98. Through his dedication to the community, he was named a Justice of the Peace in 1984; Commissioner of the Supreme Court in 1991 and is presently the President of the San Pedro Justices of the Peace Association.

    Mr. Graniel's interest in politics started when he was only 11 years old, distributing  information for the People's United Party (PUP) in San Pedro. In 1985, he unofficially replaced a town councilor and in 1988 was elected to a second term in the PUP. In 1991 he was again elected to a PUP Town Board having the second highest amount of votes. In 1992/93 he served as mayor of San Pedro Town. During his term as mayor two milestones were accomplished: (1) Government acquired the Pinkerton Estate, a large parcel of land on Ambergris Caye and (2) the Town Board was instrumental in promoting and formulating the Ambergris Caye Master Plan. In 1994, he again served on the San Pedro Town Board as a PUP member. Mr. Graniel topped the polls even though the UDP won a majority of the seats. During his collective time in office Mr. Graniel states he has clearly been able to establish that San Pedro's major problems lie in: adjusting from a fishing oriented economy to a tourist oriented one; coping with a rapidly growing population; protecting the environment; land alienation and speculation; and access to funds for continued sustainable development.

     Baldemar Graniel Sr. believes that these problems should be approached from three directions: educational, economical and political approaches. He believes that all decisions should be guided by two major considerations: (1) their outcome must be beneficial to all Belizeans and (2) the integrity of the environment must be protected. Mr. Graniel has served as councilor, mayor and is presently serving as deputy mayor until April 2001. In San Pedro he has served as a member of various groups and organizations. He asks the community to be the judge of his work. He has been a member of the People's United Party all his life and promises to continue to support the government and see to it that the PUP is re-elected to office. He humbly asks for the community's support to serve as their Area Representative. Baldemar Graniel offers his services to the residents of Caye Caulker and San Pedro and to his country, Belize.
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