Our Community - Fulgencio Hoare - "Helping maintain a good spirit in San Pedro"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 1            January 4, 2001

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Fully Hoare

Many people from different parts of Belize and around the world have chosen San Pedro as their adopted home. Each of them has contributed to the growth of this paradise in their own way. The combination of diverse cultures and beliefs are what makes this island so unique. This week we are pleased to feature a person that has contributed both his professional and spiritual gifts to the people of this community - Mr. Fulgencio "Fully" Hoare.

    Fully was born in Corozal on April 10th, 1963. He grew up in this quiet town attending St. Francis Xavier elementary and high school. Fully then graduated as an academic student from Corozal Community College.

    Fully relocated to San Pedro seventeen years ago, after a visit to his dad. His father asked him to help out with a job he was doing at Casa Solana, so Fully decided to stay permanently. That same year, he married his girlfriend, Lina Dougal, also from Corozal. They have four children: Elaine, Miriam, Paula and Delfina.

    Fully was enchanted with the lifestyle in San Pedro and was motivated to move ahead. He was a skilled maintenance worker and continued his job at Casa Solana for three years. His friendly disposition then gained him the opportunity to work as an extra on the movie Mosquito Coast being filmed in San Pedro. When Fully returned to work it was as a self-employed maintenance man for some of the larger properties on the island. His professionalism and reputation soon led him to a job at Victoria House Resort. He has been working as a maintenance man and driver for that resort for the past fourteen years.

    Aside from being a hard worker and family man, Mr. Hoare is also a very spiritual person. He says that when he moved from his birth place, he was searching for a different path to a better life, which he found as a servant of God. He first involved himself in the RENEWAL program at his church, a group who met to discuss and learn more about the holy scriptures. "My role models were Mr. Abel and Mrs. Martha Guerrero," commented Fully. "I enjoyed these sessions and even after they ended, the English-speaking group I was a part of continued to meet for more discussions on the Bible. Eventually, I was invited to become a Lay Minister." As a Lay Minister, Mr. Hoare assists the priest during mass and also visits shut-ins and sick people, providing them with the Holy Eucharist. He is presently the leader of the San Pedro Charismatic Prayer Group which meets every Wednesday to share the word of Christ.

    Fully also enjoys a great passion for sports. He recalls as a young boy he was fascinated with soccer. "I played in my backyard, in school and at the park. Sometimes, the policeman would have to chase us home because we would be playing soccer late at night," Fully said. When he arrived in San Pedro he joined the San Pedro Football Club, playing left defense. As a team player he was instrumental in helping the team win the Belize District Championships. After three years, he decided to start a younger group of his own which he called San Pedro Top Kicks. The team competed under this name for two years and was then renamed Ambergris Turquoise. They won the Belize District Championship in 1998-99 and took second place at the Belize National level. Today, Fully is the owner/co-manager of the Caye Caulker/Ambergris Turquoise, a semi-professional team that combines players and financial support from both islands.

    With regards to the youth of San Pedro, Fully had the following to say. "I encourage all the youth to get into sports instead of succumbing to bad habits. They should prove themselves in whatever they do and persevere in  achieving their goals."

    Mr. Fulgencio Hoare is a man with a great heart and spirit. He is a multi-talented, unselfish man and a gifted leader in "Our Community."

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