Costa Maya 2001 committee meets

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 15            April 12, 2001

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The first of what will be many more meetings of the Costa Maya Festival Committee was held last Wednesday to commence preliminary planning of this spectacular event. This annual festival has become one of the most anticipated throughout the country, thus the committee's ambition to make it better every year.

    A new idea has been raised by the committee to shorten the festivities to only four days instead of six, August 16th - 19th. The committee feels that the six-day event, tends to exhaust members and participants, and the idea of eliminating two days would solve this problem. Although the festival will be shortened, it is hoped that the cultural presentations of the Munda Maya Countries will still be represented. By dedicating their time to only four days worth of events, the committee assures the public the show will be of a greater quality than ever before. Already the search is on for an international performer as well as the solicitation of sponsorship. 

    This year it is expected that the pageant will be held on Thursday with the remainder of the weekend still in the planning stages. Suggestions for the festival and interested members are welcomed by the committee. Anyone needing additional information may contact Mr. Gach Guerrero at Amigo Travel in San Pedro by calling 026-2180. The San Pedro Sun will provide you more details of the Costa Maya Festival as they become available.
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