Tomasita Gomez - Mother of the Year 2001

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 19            May 17, 2001

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Mother of the Year Tomasita Gomez

"Mother is all love" was the theme Sunday evening as the San Pedro Town Council paid special tribute to the mothers of the island. A gala event was held at the Coral Sand Convention Center to commemorate the multitude of wonderful women who are the backbone of our families. The event, well-organized by Deputy Mayoress Mel Spain and her committee was a first class act and fit for a "queen" as all the mothers present were referred to. Not even the weather could stop these ladies from celebrating this special occasion and the night lived up to their expectations.

    The show was opened by Councilor Omar Arceo who gave the welcome address followed by a special tribute to mothers by Councilor Domingo Perez. Deputy Mayoress Mel Spain then gave the vote of thanks. Immediately after these formalities, the San Pedro Town Council announced Mrs. Tomasita Gomez as the Mother of the Year 2001. "The Councilors feel that Mrs. Gomez is a worthy representative of the mothers of this island. Throughout the years she has not only managed to instill moral values in her children, but has shared her wisdom with the community," the Deputy Mayoress told the San Pedro Sun. This newspaper also contacted Mr. Einer Gomez, one of Mrs. Tomasita's sons who commented, "It is an honor for us that she was chosen. She is very special to our family. For us, she is Mother of the Year every year but her recent selection as Mother of the Year from the community is an even bigger honor."

Deputy Mayoress Mel Spain, Mirza Trejo and Melanie Paz

Along with the crown and sash, Mrs. Gomez was presented with a bouquet, a commemorative plaque and a 14-carat gold chain and pendant. The selection for Mother of the Year was also a crowd pleaser, demonstrated by the rest of the gathering as they applauded the announcement of Mrs. Tomasita Gomez. Mrs. Gomez told the San Pedro Sun, "I am very happy and proud to have won the title of Mother of the Year 2001. I thank all the coordinators of this tribute to the mothers because I believe this is a beautiful celebration, a very festive one and full of love. The mothers feel very happy and it is a day that they look forward to every year. We have to give thanks to our mother who is the Virgin Mary, Mother of love and also have to give thanks to Jesus Christ, her divine son that fills us with his blessings. I hope that this celebration continues as a tradition of La Isla Bonita. Happy Mother's Day."

    While the mothers enjoyed a gourmet dinner, they were entertained by local dance groups. Adding to all the entertainment was a wonderful performance by the San Pedro High School drama club who presented a humorous skit showcasing a parent/child scenario. A special appearance by Mexican singer Flor del Rio from Chetumal had the mothers reminiscing as she sang several classic romantic ballads. The ever-funny comedian "Chocmil," also from Chetumal, added zest to the evening as well, keeping the gathering "in stitches" with his original jokes. The attendees also had a chance to win one of the many prizes raffled throughout the evening. As the hours went by the show only became better as prizes were given out "left and right." A special prize went to Mrs. Mirza Trejo as she was named the Mother/Father of the Year for being a true representative of the word parent. Mirza is a widow who has single-handedly raised two children; Dilcia, an honor roll student of St. John's College/Junior College and Roberto, a child diagnosed from birth with microcephaly.

    After enjoying a delicious meal, wonderful entertainment and prizes, the evening slowly wound down with the melodious tunes of Wil and the Caribbean Shells. It was plain to see the evening was enjoyed by all attending, and was a well-deserved treat for the special people of our community - the mothers!
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