Culture and music abound during San Pedro Caye Fest

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 21            May 31, 2001

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Yo Creek dancers perform Dance of the Peacock

A multitude of people came out to witness the Commonwealth cultural extravaganza (Caye Fest) last Saturday at Central Park. A Popular Production, this first-time event was all music and culture featuring some of Orange Walk District's best artists. Even the weather cooperated as the rains ceased long enough to allow for the wonderful performances of these talented artists. Accompanying the majorettes were the sounds of the drums from the Orange Walk Drum Corpe as the program came to a start. The drum beats immediately got the crowd in a festive mood which stayed with them throughout the night. Banda Maya was also a favorite of the crowd as they brought back fond memories with their traditional music, as did Lucio and his New Generation.

    The Yo Creek dancers portrayed the Mestizo culture of the north with well-choreographed dances that included the traditional "Mestizada Maya", "Baile de la botella", "Hog head dance" and "Dance of the Peacock." Immediately after the dances, Zero Discipline rock band took center stage where they performed to a very receptive gathering.

    The parade and beach party scheduled for Sunday was postponed due to inclement weather. Mr. Domingo Perez, organizer of the event, explained that, weather permitting, the beach party will be held this coming Sunday, June 3rd, 2001. During the beach party, the raffling of a bull will take place. Tickets are still available for $5 a chance. 

    The first-ever Caye Fest was certainly a fun-filled event that showcased the talent of our neighbors from Orange Walk District. Thumbs up to Popular Productions and Mr. Perez for this magnificent show.
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