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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 22            June 7, 2001

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Barbara Brown

Some people are blessed with a special talent that can become the envy of all; but to be endowed with a number of talents is indeed a gift. The phrase "practice makes perfect" is truly reflected in this week's personality who has managed to master the art of dance, modeling and music - Mrs. Barbara Alfonso Brown.

    Barbara was born in La Habana, Cuba on December 13th, 1975 to parents Lazara Ramos and Alberto Alfonso. Since her childhood days, "Baby" as she is known to her friends and family, was always the center of attention. Her pleasant disposition and kindness towards her classmates at Guillermo Tomas High School and then Junior College in Cuba made Barbara a very popular girl on campus. Her personality, charisma and charm are only a few of the qualities Barbara possesses. Coming from a family of musicians, Barbara is also a talented piano player. At the age of seven, "Baby" began piano lessons at the Conservatorio de Musica in Cuba. As the years went by, her piano-playing skills were sharpened almost to perfection. At nearly the same time, Barbara started Spanish dance lessons at the Sociedad Artistica Gallega. This new interest soon expanded to include ballet lessons at the prestigious Carl's Mars Theatre. Having mastered the art of dancing and music, and after completing modeling classes, "Baby" was contented with her achievements. Nevertheless, life had more plans for this capable young lady. A highly respectable Cuban designer, Juan Carlos Lopez, recruited Barbara at the age of 17 to model his designs at a number of fashion shows. A natural on the runway, Barbara enhanced the creations of the designer. Soon, Barbara was hired as the feature model for Puntex, a first-class fabric store in Cuba. When "Baby" was not modeling, she choreographed dances for a number of groups that performed throughout the country.

    In 1995, Barbara moved to Belize where her mother had been residing for some years. Eventually, her mother was offered a job in San Pedro and both women relocated to La Isla Bonita, living temporarily with Dr. Lerida Rodriguez, also from Cuba. Word of Barbara's piano talent soon got around town and she was hired to perform at Ramon's Village and Tropica Resort. Since then, she has been delighting many with her melodious tunes at a variety of town functions and social events. Last year, "Baby" recorded her first CD consisting of six Christmas songs.

    In San Pedro, Barbara found relaxation, many friendships and love. Barbara married Edwardo Brown Jr. on April 29th, 1998 and that union will be blessed with the birth of their first child, in August. 

    Barbara is now well known in San Pedro for the wonderful work she has done with our children and youth - namely the members of Barbara's Dance Group. Having had extensive dance training, Barbara's services were solicited to choreograph a Quince Años dance presentation. While doing this, "Baby" noticed great dance potential in some of the girls and asked them if they were interested in becoming part of a dance group. The four girls were more than willing, thus the birth of "The Barbies." Their first presentation was a Valentine's Day show and Barbara's professionalism was obvious. She immediately received requests from parents to include their children in the newly formed dance group. To date, Barbara's Dance Group has grown to over 60 dancers (male and female). Barbara describes her style of instruction as very modern. Barbara told the San Pedro Sun "The members and our advisor, Adelita Bouloy, all take part in the design of the costumes, the choreography and the music." Now, three years later, Barbara's Dance Group has performed throughout the country. They are present at most town functions and celebrations bringing much "gusto" to these affairs.

    Collectively, as being a dance instructor, piano player and wife, "Baby" lives a very busy life. Nevertheless, she recently ventured into yet another enterprise - candle making. Mrs. Brown somehow finds time at home to make and design very delicate and decorative candles. Although a fairly new business for Barbara, her products will definitely add a touch of class to any home or office.

    Truly a work of art herself, Barbara Brown brings to this island a wealth of knowledge when it comes to entertainment. With her fine dance group and musical touch she has added pizzazz to the lives of many residents of and visitors to "Our Community."

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