Findley Halliday to join BNDC on European tour

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 23            June 14, 2001

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Findley Halliday

Mr. Greg Vernon, Director of the Belize National Dance Company (BNDC) has informed the San Pedro Sun that San Pedro's own Findley Halliday has been selected to join the Company on their European tour. The Belizean contingency, consisting of 25 members (dancers and musicians) will depart Belize on June 27th and is scheduled to return on August 26th, 2001. While in Europe the group will perform daily for a period of two months with only three days off during that time. Belize joins 40 other countries from around the world traveling from city to city who will finally "merge as one" in Jaca, Spain for the Grand Pyrenees Festival. During the European tour, the BNDC will be portraying the Garifuna and Creole cultures of Belize, depicting their people in the classical musical and dance presentation entitled "The Budbank Wedding." This is the second time the National Dance Company is touring Europe; their first time was in 1997.

    Findley Halliday, one of the talented male dancers of the San Pedro Dance Company was chosen to be part of this tour due to his discipline and dance skills. His dance teacher, Rosita Baltazar recommended Findley as the dancer to fill the vacant post. Director Vernon had seen him perform and felt that he was ambitious enough to take on a tour of this caliber. Findley also demonstrated the skills and technique needed to represent the Garifuna and Creole culture through interpretive dance. "Findley is a very fortunate young man. During this two-month period he will have to adapt to the older members of the company since he is one of the younger members. Nevertheless, he will be protected and will be under the care of Ms. Baltazar. He is very talented and I believe he will be able to pull his own weight," stated Mr. Vernon. Findley who is already rehearsing in Belize City commented, "I feel very privileged to be given this opportunity which I am sure will be one of the highlights of my young dancing career. I certainly plan to do my best to integrate with the rest of the dancers to make our presentations as perfect as they can be. Our culture is rich and this specific presentation is a wonderful way of depicting our Belizean roots."

    Also joining the BNDC on this tour is Barrington Castillo, another talented artist from San Pedro Town. Barrington is well-known for his wonderful drumming skills as well as his singing. He has performed at a number of events in San Pedro and has also played the drums for a San Pedro Dance Company presentation.  Barrington will join the tour as a musician.

    The San Pedro Sun joins the San Pedro Dance Company and the entire community in saluting Findley Halliday and Barrington Castillo for the honor of being selected for this event.
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