Construction of SPLIC Hospital to resume soon

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 38            September 27, 2001

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After a dormant period of about four months, plans are to resume construction of the San Pedro Lions Inter-Community Hospital very soon. At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the San Pedro Lions Club, the committee firmly stated that they will push for the completion of the hospital's first phase. This was also unanimously agreed to at the last meeting with "Friends of the Hospital" in early June where the completion of the existing structure was discussed. At that meeting, Area Representative Patty Arceo offered the services of architect Philip Thurton, to aid Mr. Darrell Cloud with a set of detailed specifications and plans required by many who wished to donate. The plans have now been finished and studied by the members of the Lions Club and other concerned parties. 

    The Belize Rural South office has also requested the signature of Lion President Alex Eiley as a final step before receiving the $200,000 from government. In the agreement it states the following conditions for the disbursement of the funds: (1) Expenditures should be consulted and agreed to by both parties, (2) a monthly report should be submitted to the Area Representative and (3) the committee should consist of four representatives of the Lions Club and the Area Representative.

    Chief fundraiser, Lion Ramon Nuñez also reiterated Caye Chapel's commitment of matching or exceeding the amount to be donated by government for the completion of the hospital. This will be the second sizeable donation from Mr. Addington as he very generously contributed $100,000 to the initial construction of the hospital. Mr. Nuñez also mentioned several friends from the US who are collecting donations to help with this project. Presently, the San Pedro Lions Club is negotiating with Mr. Armando Graniel of Graniel's Cabinet Shop to oversee the construction of the building as Mr. Darrell Cloud has fallen ill and is unable to devote as much time as he previously did to this project.

    The club has also agreed to accept an offer from Larry Addington of Caye Chapel to hand over financial management to Mr. D. Michael Fox of Fox Business Services. Mr. Fox has agreed to donate part of his services with the remainder provided at Mr. Addington's expense. Mr. Fox has vast knowledge in this field and would be able to give a more detailed account of the finances to anyone who desires to see them.

    With plans on the table, and transparency and accountability established, it appears that the much-needed San Pedro Lions Inter-Community Hospital will soon be a reality. Anyone wishing to give their recommendations or donations towards this project may do so by contacting any member of the San Pedro Lions Club.
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