Our Community - Lalo Tolosa - "Providing San Pedro with a clearer picture"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 4            January 25, 2001

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Lalo Tolosa

The world now exists in an age of high technology and new discoveries which help ease the fast-paced life many live today. San Pedro is reaching the point in which computers and other high-tech machinery are a necessity. With this, also comes new career opportunities for many involved in this technology. Although they are not the newest electronic appliances, televisions and video cassette recorders (VCR) are a common commodity in many San Pedro households. Like other appliances, they also need periodic maintenance and occasional servicing. This week we are pleased to introduce a young individual that provides electronic service and repair Mr. Lalo Tolosa.

    Lalo was born in Belize City on January 1st, 1972 to Ermelinda and Aulalio

Tolosa (deceased), both of San Pedro Town. He grew up in the company of his sister Karen and many friends, playing on the sandy streets of San Pedro and enjoying an island childhood. He attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School and San Pedro High School graduating as a Commercial student in 1991. Immediately after graduation, Lalo was hired as an office clerk for San Pedro Distributor and enjoyed this job for the next four years. Island Air then offered Mr. Tolosa a bookkeeping job that he held for three and a half years. It was during this time that his family's television was malfunctioning and they decided to send it to Belize City for repairs. Unfortunately, this choice turned out to be a costly one and when returned, the TV was still non-operational. After many frustrating attempts to have their TV repaired and knowing of other residents with the same problem, Lalo's mother suggested that he study a course in the repair of these types of appliances, an occupation obviously in great demand.  

    Taking his mother's advice, Lalo enrolled in a TV/VCR Repair correspondence course from International Correspondence Schools (ICS) in the USA. After one year of study and additional practical training, he was certified by this institution. In 1998, Lalo opened his repair business in the lower flat of his home and commenced his new enterprise. He specializes in Toshiba and Samsung brand appliances due to the availability of their parts. His forte is power supply problems and basic "wear and tear" components that need to be replaced. Depending on the extent of the problem he is usually able to fix them within one day of delivery.

    Having a good eye for business, Lalo expanded his workshop and office to also serve as a travel agency for Barefoot Watersports and the Rum Punch sailboat. He has named this part of his business "La Pachanga Cruises." As a side project, Mr. Tolosa is taking a course in drafting and is planning to build two-bedroom houses for rent on land he has acquired. This soon-to-be-realized project will be known as "El Cocal Casitas."

    In his spare time, Lalo enjoys exercising, something he has done on and off for ten years now. He is a very health conscious young man but says he also gives in to "temptation" and has some fun every now and then. As a service to his community, Lalo is a member of Green Reef, the non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable use and conservation of Belize's marine and coastal resources.

     Lalo Tolosa's determination to excel in the business world of San Pedro has been embraced by the residents of this island. His knowledge in the area of electronic repair pays off in many ways but most importantly in customer satisfaction. Lalo strives for only the best of service and has helped the island's residents maintain a "clearer picture" in "Our Community."

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