Miss Carnival 2001 to be held February 17th

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 5            February 1, 2001

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Jennifer Fiore
Sofia Guerra
Emmy Marin
Kenisha Young

To kick-off this year's Carnival festivities, a grand fair will be held at Central Park. Adding more zest and glamour to this occasion, the San Pedro Carnival Committee has also planned the selection of Miss Carnival 2001. Four charming young ladies will compete for this prestigious title with the winner to serve as both Carnival Ambassador and Grand Marshal for the "Brazilian style" parade on Saturday, February 24th. The four contestants are Jennifer Fiore, Sofia Guerra, Emmy Marin and Kenisha Young.

    The winner of the popularity contest will be determined by the contestant with the most votes. For each penny donated to a particular contestant, a point will be awarded to her name, thus the candidate with the most money at the end of the night will be declared the winner. Throughout the evening, Lichi's Box will entertain and the attendees will have the chance to engage in various fun games like Tombola, Fish Pond, 7-Up and Under, etc. To liven-up the evening, the San Pedro Dance Company will also perform some of their newest dances. The fun will commence at 7:00 p.m. and admission is free.

    Sixteen year-old Jennifer Fiore is a Fourth Form student at San Pedro High School who has a deep passion for water sports, especially diving. Last year, Miss Fiore was first runner-up at the Miss San Pedro Pageant. She always enjoys Carnival, especially the elaborate costumes used during the parade.

    Sofia Guerra is a fourteen year-old, Second Form student at San Pedro High School. She enjoys dancing and singing. Being born in San Pedro, Sofia says that Carnival is a part of her and she enjoys it every year to the fullest. One of the things she enjoys the most is the comparsas and having a great time painting with her friends. "I enjoy being a part of celebrations that are directly related to my hometown such as Carnival. That is why I chose to be part of this contest. It also gives me time to have fun with the rest of the contestants," commented Sofia.

      Emmy Marin is a seventeen year-old Third Form Commercial student at San Pedro High School. She is a resident of Caye Caulker Village who enjoys dancing, singing and sports. Although she has not experienced much of San Pedro's famous Carnival, she hopes that through her participation in this contest she will be able to learn more about this grand event.

    Kenisha Young is a fourteen year-old First Form student at San Pedro High School. She enjoys basketball and volleyball, and is also a fan of Carnival. Through this contest, she hopes to achieve a personal goal she is working for.

    The San Pedro Carnival Committee invites all residents and visitors to join in the celebrations and support their favorite candidate. As mentioned above, this affair will only be the beginning of what is expected to be one of San Pedro's biggest Carnivals ever. An update on the entertainment and celebrations will be printed in future issues of the San Pedro Sun.

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