Our Community - Lenny Manzano - "An Airline Asset in Ambergris"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 5            February 1, 2001

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Lenny Manzano

Good administration and management are two key ingredients to a successful business. Another important aspect of a thriving enterprise lies in the hands of its employees. These are the people that can make a difference between the success or failure of the firm they are a part of. This week we are pleased to introduce a person who takes her everyday responsibilities very seriously Mrs. Lenny Manzano.

    Lenny was born in Belize City to parents Rosa and Carlos Alamilla and grew up with two younger brothers, Javier and Luis. Her schooling was done at St. Ignatius Primary School and Pallotti High School (an all-girls school), where she graduated from in 1982. Although all her schooling was done in the city, Lenny would spend most of her vacations in San Pedro where her grandparents lived. She vividly recalls how she would look forward to her visits with the many friends she had made. She also enjoyed the natural beauty and peacefulness of the island. During one of her trips to San Pedro, shortly after graduation, Lenny made up her mind to relocate permanently to this island; a decision that her grandparents fully embraced.

    Being a frequent visitor to La Isla Bonita and having family and friends here, the relocation process was very smooth. Lenny thought and lived as an "island girl." In 1984, she married Jaime Manzano and their marriage produced two children Jaime Jr., now 17, and Ricardo, now 16. After the birth of her children, she devoted all her time to taking care of them. Once the children reached the required age to attend school, Lenny decided to put her commercial skills to the test.

    In 1991, Lenny was hired as a flight dispatcher for Maya Airways. This was her first job and she was determined to prove her competence. Lenny gave 100% of herself to her work and was soon promoted to station supervisor. Working with only one other person at the San Pedro station, Lenny was responsible for the daily management of the business. After working for this airline for seven years, Maya merged with Island Air, another San Pedro airline. Thus, Maya Island Air was born in December of 1997. Lenny had made a lasting impression working for Maya Airways and was immediately recruited to the Maya Island Air team. Today, Lenny works as a flight dispatcher at the San Pedro terminal where she exercises her knowledge in the areas of reservations, ticketing, flight dispatching and arranging flight manifests. Apart from the broad knowledge she has gained with this company, Lenny's bright smile and friendly disposition are a welcome bonus to the customers of Maya Island Air. In speaking about her job, Lenny said, "Since I started working in this field, I have enjoyed it very much. Apart from the friendly people I work with, I have also received a lot of benefits. It has given me the opportunity to meet countless people from around the world and occasionally celebrities, as well. My fellow colleagues are easy going and we work together as a team, which is very important for the success of our company."

    As Lenny enters into a decade of serving San Pedro through the airline industry, we salute her for her patience and the great dedication she has devoted to her work. Without a doubt, she has been an asset to Maya Island Air and this island, making flying " a breeze" in "Our Community."

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