Byron Acosta and Kiera Bauman win Caye Zone Spelling Bee Competition

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 11, No. 8            February 22, 2001

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Spelling Bee winners Byron Acosta and Kiera Bauman

The results of the Zone Five (Caye zone) competition of the National Coca-Cola Spelling Bee 2000 has selected Byron Acosta and Kiera Bauman as the contestants who will compete at the District level. Two representatives from seven schools competed for the chance to represent this zone at eliminations held last Thursday at the Lions Den.

    The contestants, all well-trained students, tried their best to come out triumphant but it was very tough competition. After several rounds, only five contestants were chosen for the semi-final round. They were Imar Chi, Dylan Blease, Byron Acosta, Kiera Bauman and Helen Melendez. At the end of semi-final competition only two finalists Kiera Bauman and Byron Acosta remained to battle for first prize. In the end it was Byron Acosta of San Pedro Roman Catholic School who managed to spell all the words correctly. First runner up, Kiera Bauman of Island Academy, will accompany Byron to the District finals which will be held at Holy Redeemer Parish Hall in Belize City on March 16th. The first prize winner received two cases of soft drinks and all participants and officials received a Spelling Bee T-shirt. Both finalists then received the District competition spelling list by Coca-Cola Spelling Bee Representative Mr. David Craig. 

    The Spelling Bee officials for the Caye Zone eliminations were: Zone leader - Roxani Kay, Principal of San Pedro R.C. School; Pronouncer - Natalie Sedacey of San Pedro High School; Judges - Ana Redfern of Island Academy, Miguelangel Hernandez of New Horizon Academy and Liliana Marin of Caye Caulker R.C. School; Scorers - Odilia Jacobs of LIFE and Hector Trejo of Isla Bonita Elementary; Timekeeper - Oscar Vidal of San Pedro R.C. School; Runner - Elizabeth Sansorez of New Horizon Academy; Stage Manager - Rosario Guerrero of San Pedro R.C. School.

    The San Pedro Sun salutes all the participants and winners for taking an interest in this educational contest. The participants were: Byron Acosta and Gladys Urbina of San Pedro Roman Catholic School; Miguel Perez and Shamir Guerrero of Lydia's Institute of Fine Education; Kiera Bauman and Nashringa Parker of Island Academy; Helen Melendez and Jorge Salazar of St. Peter's Elementary; Elvis Perez and Dylan Blease of Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School; Daniel Lackwood and Imar Chi of New Horizon Academy and Ruby Ozaeta and Shadir Paz of Isla Bonita Elementary.

    Good luck Byron and Kiera at the District competition!
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