Maya Island Air celebrating 40 years of flight

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 5            February 7, 2002

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Maya Island Air celebrates its 40th year of operation in the airline industry. As a longstanding Belizean company, Maya Island Air has been in existence since 1962. During this time, Maya has maintained an impeccable safety record throughout its years of service.

    "When Maya Airways first began operation, it started with a small fleet of airline carriers," stated Winston Trapp, Director of Sales/Marketing. "Maya Airways later merged with Island Air in 1997 and increased its fleet. Today, Maya Island Air boasts its largest total to date of ten carriers with twelve new carriers to be added by mid year."

    In celebration of this achievement, Maya Island Air will be offering specials to its loyal clients throughout the month of February. As part of these specials, Maya Island Air will be giving away complimentary tickets to every 40th person who flies with the airline. In addition, the names of all passengers paying for tickets by cash/credit card during the month of February will be included in Maya's end of the month raffle. Raffle entrants will be given a chance to win one of the following: First Prize - Roundtrip Ticket from TACA; Second Prize - Roundtrip Ticket for two to San Pedro on Maya Island Air with complimentary overnight stay at SunBreeze Hotel and dinner at Elvi's; Third Prize - Dinner for two at the Radisson Fort George.

    In commemoration of Maya Island Air's 40th Anniversary, a different activity has been scheduled for each flight during the month of February. Included in the month's celebration activities will be visits to primary, secondary and tertiary schools throughout the country to educate students on the mechanics and importance of the aviation industry, airline safety issues and information on how to become involved in Belize's airline industry. Passengers will also be treated to surprise gifts and giveaways on specific days throughout February.

    For further information regarding Maya Island Air's 40th Celebration, please contact the marketing department at 02-31140.
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