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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 30            August 8, 2002

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At last Thursday's monthly meeting of the Saga Humane Society several new items of business were discussed. Foremost, the society was informed of the Belize Veterinary Board's approval of Dr. Richard Taylor's veterinary license. He and his wife Jo, a veterinary nurse, have taken over while Dr. Bron Eastwood is on a year's leave and vowed to assist in continuing the society's work.

    Next, was the announcement of two recent meetings held between Saga personnel and the local health inspector, Mr. Javier Alpuche. At the meetings, Mr. Alpuche expressed his interest in establishing a working relationship with Saga Society to control the stray dog and cat populations of the island. Discussed at the meeting was the possibility of a Rabies clinic and campaign to vaccine resident pets.

    The health inspector was also invited to attend Saga's stray dog roundups, which take place every Friday at 6:00 p.m. or at other designated times throughout the week. Persons wishing to assist the volunteers in this exercise or knowing of animals needing assistance at any time, are urged to call 226-3266. In regards to capturing strays, it was noted that a cat-catching trap was recently donated by Dale Purdy. This makes two that the society can put to use. Both of these traps are now set on a daily basis and are producing an average of two cats per day in each trap. Cats and dogs collected in either of these manners are treated for skin conditions, neutered, or put to rest if it is decided they have no quality of life or are deemed aggressive, unfriendly animals.

    Other business included the donation of a used computer, courtesy of Alberto Villanueva and the donation of a hard drive and set-up for the unit by Marie Carroll. Many thanks were given to both of these generous individuals.

    The next area of interest focused on fundraising. It was mentioned that the Costa Maya Festival Committee agreed to allow Saga to sell calendars, T-Shirts & disperse educational materials at the festival. Volunteers to tend the booth were discussed and it was determined that more help was needed.

    While on the calendar subject, it was mentioned that Jeff Spiegel, the man who produced and generously donated this year's calendar, has again contacted Saga regarding providing a 2003 Calendar as well as postcards and posters for fundraising items. This was well received and it was suggested that some of the same photographs from this year be used.  

    It was suggested that a meeting be held in the next week to discuss Saga's yearly fundraiser. In relation to funds, the chairwoman reported that six foundations in the US had responded to the society's request for funding, three positively, and those applications were filled out and submitted.

    It was decided that schools should soon be contacted regarding whether they wish Saga's humane education program to be included in their curriculum. Along this subject line, it was suggested some type of youth involvement in Saga be investigated. One of the volunteers attending the meeting stated he would look into this.

    Through this medium, Saga Humane Society extends many thanks to Jeff Spiegel for his huge generosity of calendars, to Island Dog - Mike Gvara for selling an abundance of calendars, to Caribe Island Resort for the money raised at their recent barbecue, to the Costa Maya Festival Committee for providing Saga a spot at their festival, and to each and every volunteer and friend who does their part for the animals of this island.
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