Swearing-in ceremony held for Justices of the Peace

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 34            September 5, 2002

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New Senior Justices of the Peace

Thirty new Justices of the Peace took their oath of office in San Pedro Town last Wednesday at a ceremony held at the Lions Den. In addition to these thirty, ten JPs were appointed Senior Justices of the Peace. This brings the total of Justices of the Peace in San Pedro to 78.

    Master of Ceremonies for this event was town councilor Omar Arceo who first called on Alex Nuñez to give the welcome address. Guest speaker for this occasion was the Minister of Labor, Local Government and the Sugar Industry, Honorable Valdemar Castillo. In his address to the congregation, Minister Castillo stated that JPs are carefully selected. He described them as being distinguished people serving their communities and who are supportive of the judicial system in Belize. Minister Castillo added that JPs are also people of integrity and impeccable character. He thanked them for undertaking this task and also congratulated the Senior Justices of the Peace for having done an excellent job as JPs, thus being elevated to a higher status and one worthy of the title "Honorable".

    Area Representative Patty Arceo then addressed the gathering explaining that younger people have been appointed to serve as JPs as their input and service is essential to the growth of our community. She encouraged the new JPs to familiarize themselves with their roles and to seek guidance from fellow Justices of the Peace through the Association of Justices of the Peace.

    Solicitor General of Belize, Elson Kaseke then performed the swearing-in ceremony for the new Senior Justices of the Peace and the new Justices of the Peace. Also attending the ceremony were Inspector of Police Linden Flowers and Assistant Inspector of Police Errol Guzman.

    The ten Senior Justices of the Peace are: Severo Guerrero Sr., Leni Alamilla, Edilberto Marin, Wilfredo Nuñez, Ovidio Guerrero, Felipe Paz Sr., Alan Forman, Ceni Varela, Thomas Paz Sr. and Armando Graniel Sr.

    The thirty new Justices of the Peace are: Yoli Galvez, Wally Nuñez, Rosario "Charo" Perez, Leila Alamilla, Tula Ayuso, Pedro Ayuso, Conchita Flota, Ivonne Bradley, Pete Graniel, Melly Kumul, Alex Nuñez, Lina Guemez, Geraldo Badillo, Pedro Vasquez, Santiago Vasquez, David Marin, Manuel Del Valle, Natalie Palen, Roxani Kay, Martha Sabido, Aurelia Trejo, Patricia Marin, Omar Arceo, Alfonso Wiltshire, Narcisa Saldana, Franco Orellano, Veronica Guerrero, Taff Elliot, Hemojenes Acosta and Niesje Province. 

    In related news, three Senior Justices of the Peace and seven Justices of the Peace took their oath of office in Caye Caulker that same day.

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