Our Community - Martha Guerrero - "Dedicated mother, manager and mentor"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 43            November 7, 2002

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Martha Guerrero

San Pedro has come a long way in improving its education system. Once a fishing village where learning opportunities were limited, today Ambergris Caye is home to many private schools, a high school, and most recently, a junior college. The proper management of these institutions requires key educators and personnel to look after the interests of the entire student body and make important decisions that students should abide by. Therein is where the success lies. This week The San Pedro Sun is pleased to introduce a person who has combined her maternal love and business skills to assist the educational system in San Pedro - Mrs. Martha Guerrero.

    Martha, a Sanpedrana by birth, came into this world on July 30th, 1940, the daughter of Clara Heredia and Federico Nuñez (both deceased), and sister to Manuel, Fidel, Felipe and Ruben Ancona (deceased) as well as Celi McCorkle, Wilema Alamilla and Clarita Paz. Martha enjoyed her childhood in the, as yet, undiscovered fishing village known as San Pedro. A studious young girl during her years at San Pedro Roman Catholic School, Martha was awarded a government scholarship to continue her secondary education in Belize City. Martha was enrolled at St. Catherine's Academy when she was just fourteen years old and graduated in 1959 from this all-girl institution.

   Back in San Pedro, Martha was hired as a teacher at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School. That same year, Martha joined her life in marriage to Abel Guerrero Sr. and over the years this union produced four children: Abel Jr., Jaime, Gilmar and Concha. Ms. Martha or "Ms. G." as she is known, is also the proud grandmother of nine children and two great grandchildren. Ms. Martha continued her teaching career at San Pedro Roman Catholic School for the next twelve years and then decided to take a short break from her career. True to her word, Ms. Martha was back on the school scene the following year - this time as a volunteer teacher at San Pedro High School. For seven years, Ms. G. volunteered her services teaching English, math and religion as well as performing various office duties for the school until 1980 when San Pedro High School was able to formally employ her. In 1986, Mrs. Martha Guerrero was elected to serve as the chairperson of the San Pedro High School Board of Directors. She has retained that position ever since due to her dedication to the school and for the care and guidance she gives the students. Her duties at San Pedro High School seem endless but Mrs. Guerrero says she enjoys being part of this educational institution, which has become a part of her life. Because of Ms. G.'s reputation for running a tight ship and her commitment to San Pedro High, she was also elected to serve as chairperson of the San Pedro Junior College Board of Directors in 2000.

    In 1984, her giving nature led Mrs. Martha Guerrero to join the Lay Ministry program at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church. As a Lay Minister, Mrs. Guerrero is involved in many aspects of the church including training parents and godparents for the Sacrament of Baptism, assisting the priest during the celebration of Holy Mass, and taking care of the church linens. But Mrs. Guerrero's services to her community do not end there. For the past twenty-seven years she has been an auxiliary member of the San Pedro Lions Club. Martha Guerrero is known as a person who can always be counted on for fundraisers and town activities. Because of her absolute love for her children and the community in general, Mrs. Guerrero was presented with the first Mother of the Year Award in 1985. When one passes Martha's home on Barrier Reef Drive, she can usually be seen on her verandah surrounded by family - these, she says, are the moments she cherishes. 

    Today, Mrs. Martha Guerrero is looked upon as a woman of respect, integrity and dedication. Whether she is assuming the role of Ms. G. at San Pedro High or Junior College, or performing her weekly lay minister duties, Mrs. Martha Guerrero performs her tasks with sincere pleasure and enthusiasm. A housewife by morning and an excellent chairperson by day, Mrs. Martha Guerrero is indeed a blessing to "Our Community."

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