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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 45            November 21, 2002

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Alberto Nuñez Jr.

Although it is true that the proper management of a business requires many skills, the key to becoming successful is service, service, service! Services come in many different forms, from customer relations to housekeeping. The everyday management of a business also depends on certain factors. Today, utilities are essential to most businesses. Although provided by only one source, other components such as the proper wiring and installation of fixtures is important. This week, The San Pedro Sun is pleased to feature a skilled electrician and plumber - Jose Alberto Nuñez Jr.

    On September 26th, 1961 Teody and Alberto Nuñez Sr. celebrated the birth of their son Jose Alberto. Alberto was born into a close-knit family consisting of two brothers (one deceased) and one sister. He recalls his childhood days in San Pedro as some of the best moments of his life. After attending San Pedro Roman Catholic School, Alberto was enrolled in St. John's College in Belize City and in 1978, completed his secondary education (majoring in business) from this prestigious learning institution.

    When Alberto returned to San Pedro, he joined his father in making a living as a shrimp fisherman. For the next four years he endured ten to twelve long days at sea by the Stann Creek area where shrimp was abundant. After their long journey, Alberto and his father would return to San Pedro, sell their catch to Caribeña Producers Cooperative, rest for four days and then begin the cycle again. Although this lifestyle was very exhausting, the shrimp industry was very profitable at that time.

    Tired of life at sea, Alberto then teamed up with Wally Nuñez, and worked as his apprentice learning electrical, plumbing and refrigeration skills. A very attentive student, Alberto was able to grasp the techniques very easily and with the help of a few reference manuals, he soon learned the tricks of the trade. In order to obtain his license as an electrician, Alberto also completed the requirements specified by Belizean law at the time. Just one year after teaming up with Wally, Alberto was made a partner in Wally's Electrical Supplies & Services, as well as his Bright Solutions Shop. Alberto prides himself on the great work he has accomplished at establishments on the island including some larger projects such as the Belize Yacht Club and Paradise Villas.

    On August 21st, 1981, Alberto joined his life in marriage to Annie Nuñez. Their union has produced three children: Alberto III (21), Adrian (18) and Andy (12). Alberto is also the proud grandfather of a baby boy, Kia.

    Alberto has always enjoyed sports and was once a very active football and table tennis player and remains a fan of his local teams. He also served as a member of the San Pedro Sports Committee for two consecutive years.

    When he has free time, Alberto can be found helping out with his wife's business - Annie's Pastries and Deli. "I service the equipment and even run errands for her," Alberto told The San Pedro Sun. When he is not busy, Mr. Nuñez enjoys socializing with his friends and going fishing.

    Alberto exemplifies the phrase "practice makes perfect" as today he is recognized as one of the best electricians/plumbers on the island. More than just a professional, Alberto Nuñez is known to be a very amiable and jovial friend, father, husband and grandfather who, through his services, keeps the necessary networks flowing in our homes, businesses and "Our Community."

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