Our Community - Mel Dolezal - "A fellow with a formula for fun"

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 12, No. 49            December 19, 2002

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Mel Dolezal

With more and more visitors choosing "La Isla Bonita" as their vacation destination, island businesses are working round the clock to keep their guests entertained and happy. The key to achieving this is, without a doubt, continuously coming up with new and innovative ideas. With that in mind, this week The San Pedro Sun takes pleasure in introducing the person that puts the "F" in the word "Fun" at one of San Pedro's hottest entertainment spots - Mel Dolezal.

    Mel was born in Norwich, England but moved to Denver, Colorado, USA when his father, a US Air Force officer, was transferred there in 1954. Shortly after graduating from Adams City High School, Mel was drafted into the United States Army, stationed first in Fort Bliss, Texas. Following his honorable discharge from the Army two years later, Mel became a partner in a wholesale and retail auto parts outlet. After dedicating eleven years of his life to this business, Mel was ready for a challenge and engaged himself in a partnership at a seasonal ski rental business in Colorado. This new business venture also persuaded Mel to become a member of the Colorado Ski Race Team for the next three years. During the summer months, Mel and his partner transformed the ski rental business into a retail tennis store, which eventually led them to create a school where people could learn the sport of tennis. Again, Mel exercised his athletic abilities and became competitive in local tennis tournaments in the Denver area. Business was booming for Mel and this encouraged him to invest in an aircraft de-icing business, which also offered contracts to clean private jets. After managing to enjoy five years of successful businesses, Mel felt it was time for some well-deserved time off and with the consent of his partner, sold all three businesses.

    Following a six-month vacation, Mr. Dolezal was ready for another adventure, so he entered the nightclub business. His first practical experience was as a manager at Tulagi's, a world famous bar in Boulder, Colorado. In 1984, he moved to San Diego, California where he became a partner in two other well-known nightclubs. Three years later, he moved back to Denver, Colorado where he was hired as the sales manager for a radio broadcasting company. Not convinced that this was the ideal job for him, Mel resigned after a year and a half and accepted a contract to build what was to become the largest nightclub in the USA until someone in Texas decided they had to go bigger. His contract included designing and remodeling a 42,500 square foot building, hiring a crew and establishing bar policies to operate "Grizzly Rose," a country and western nightclub that still exists today. Following the completion of this establishment, Mel bought his own nightclub in Estes Park, Colorado, which he sold a year and a half later. Once again, Mr. Dolezal took a well-deserved six-month break to re-energize himself.

    Next on Mel's agenda was a move to Cabo San Lucas for a couple of years, but he was detoured by a friend who convinced him to move to Chico, California instead. It was here that Mel's real radio career began, first as an accounts executive at KPPL-FM, and then gradually making his way up the corporate ladder to sales manager, general manager and vice president of radio stations in other cities in California, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii and South Carolina. After ten years of moving around, Mel retired from the radio business and moved back to California.

    Upon his return, Mel reacquainted himself with two old friends and soon- to-be partners. Shortly after, Hustler Enterprises Ltd., Hustler Tours and Dockside Bar and Grill named him Chief Operating Officer/Director.

    In February of 2002, Mel relocated to San Pedro and one month later began his duties at Wet Willy's Cantina and Grill/Hustler Tours. Mel's background in sales and marketing have attributed to Wet Willy's growing success as a major competitor in San Pedro's entertainment marketplace. Under the able hands of Mr. Dolezal, a "Sure Happy It's Tuesday" Club was first established to provide locals an affordable place to enjoy beers and cocktails, and complimentary snacks during the slow season. "Through the ŽSure Happy It's Tuesday' Club we have been able to raise $1,000 which was used to buy school supplies for St. Peter's School and we will continue to raise money to offer the same to other schools in San Pedro," Mel told The San Pedro Sun.

    As imagined, Mel has his hands full running the daily operations of Wet Willy's and Hustler Tours. To get away from the hustle and bustle that comes with managing these enterprises, Mel says he enjoys "escaping" to his favorite resort, Captain Morgan's Retreat, on North Ambergris Caye. He also takes time to enjoy the thrill he gets from sport fishing.

    Mel Dolezal has been instrumental in the success of the many businesses he has been involved in and this is reflected in the entertainment and service he provides in San Pedro. After traveling from state to state in the US, this island transplant has found his "piece of paradise" on Ambergris Caye where he provides a "Willy" good time to visitors and residents of "Our Community."

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