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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 1            January 16, 2003

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Jules Homero Escalante

It has often been said that once you have taken a dip in the crystal waters of Ambergris Caye you will want to come back, over and over again. Many people testify to this saying and believe it one hundred percent. Belize has attracted visitors from around the globe but even more so it has drawn back people whose families were born and/or raised in this beautiful Central American country. This week The San Pedro Sun is pleased to feature a young man who, although born and raised by Belizean parents in the United States, has "come home" to make his contribution to this "island paradise" - Jules Homero Escalante.

    On February 7th, 1962, Rose and Wilfredo Escalante, originally from Belize City, celebrated the birth of their son Jules Homero in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jules, raised in the "land of jazz and Mardi Gras," attended St. Angela Merici Elementary School and Archbishop Rummel High School before enrolling in the University of New Orleans (UNO) where he majored in business and accounting. Proud of their heritage, the Escalante's made certain Jules learned about their birthplace by sending him to Belize for every summer vacation.

    Jules grew up to be an exemplary young man with great ambitions and respect for his community and fellow man. From a young age he proved to be a responsible businessman, managing a variety of establishments including a Thom McAn shoe store, a TV/VCR repair shop, a computer business and an automotive repair shop. What Jules claims as his pride and joy though, was his involvement in the "candy business." Jules instructed over 1,000 young children from around the state of Louisiana how to sell candy door to door. This, he says, taught the children the value of working for their own money. As an incentive to improve the children's sales Jules would organize tours to amusement parks such as Disney and Astro World for the children who showed dedication to their work. "It made me happy to give these children the opportunity to experience such wonderful places," Mr. Escalante commented. Jules dedicated ten years of his life to the candy business, providing countless children with their first taste of the skills needed for business.

    While in New Orleans, Jules also found his soul mate, and married Melinda Kelley on May 10th, 1986. Their union has been blessed with two beautiful children: Jennifer Rose (11) and Alexander Jules (9).

    After several visits to his parents' homeland, Jules and his family relocated permanently to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye on May 9th, 1999 to help maintain his parents' property. No stranger to "La Isla Bonita," Jules was  hired and functioned as general manager of Fido's Restaurant and Bar for the next year and a half. Then, on January 1st, 2002 he accepted a new position as general manager for Rico's Surfside Restaurant at The Villas at Banyan Bay. Besides taking care of the daily operations at Rico's, Jules has gone a step further in guest relations and ensures that all visitors are properly informed of all the wonderful trips available in and around San Pedro, as well as on the mainland. More than a general manager, Jules is known to be a wonderful public relations representative and marketer of Ambergris Caye. In his continued efforts to promote "La Isla Bonita" Mr. Escalante is also an active member of the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce.

    Living in this unspoiled piece of paradise has been to Jules liking. He enjoys relaxing from time to time participating in his favorite pastimes - fishing and snorkeling. Family is a priority for Jules and his close relationship with his parents and children is living testimony of this.

    Belize has stolen the heart of Jules Homero Escalante. He gladly traded the fast paced life of New Orleans for the slower way of life by the sea. Now more than ever, he is content to live as one of the many "jewels" in "Our Community."

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