Cameron Diaz visits Belize

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 6            February 20, 2003

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Cameron Diaz with Tammy Berthome and Emily Jackson

Mata Chica Resort once again played host to the stars last week as well known actress Cameron Diaz paid Ambergris Caye a visit. Reportedly, Miss Diaz was relaxing after time spent in Belize's rainforest doing research on the Chalillo Dam controversy.

   According to sources at Mata Chica Resort, Cameron Diaz was a charming, "down to earth" lady who appeared quite fond of children, spending much of her time talking to the owners' daughter and her friends. Miss Diaz also talked of her concerns with the Belize government building a dam which would flood an environment whose inhabitants include endangered species such as the Scarlet Macaw and the Morelet's Crocodile, as well as Maya ruins.

    Miss Diaz's unease mirrors that of other famous people such as Harrison Ford and Robert Kennedy Jr. who have expressed their distress over such an environmental disaster. They and many others join the Belize Alliance of Conservation NGOs (BACONGO) in opposing the current government's plan to build the Chalillo Dam, no matter what the cost, as an alternative power source for the country.
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