San Pedro AIDS Commission films public service announcement

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 7            February 27, 2003

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HIV/AIDS public service announcement participants

Last Sunday, various members of the community joined the San Pedro AIDS Commission in filming the first of what is expected to be many more public service announcements to heighten public awareness of this worldwide epidemic.

    According to a Commission representative, this first public service announcement is being created to educate the local and national populace about HIV/AIDS. "We want people to understand that this disease is out there and it does not discriminate. We need to educate ourselves and our loved ones about this epidemic so we can take the necessary precautions so as not to fall victims to HIV," stated the San Pedro AIDS Commission President.

    A simple script about HIV facts was written by Peace Corps volunteer Miki Kim and handed out to a variety of people from the community selected for the production, filmed at the Holiday Hotel. Filming the TV announcement was Mr. David Marin who will also be editing the production. The Commission then hopes to air the finished product on local and national television stations as part of their HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

    Participants in the first San Pedro AIDS Commission public service announcement include: Katrina Bradley (San Pedro High School student), Dr. Otto Rodriguez (health care provider), Jenine Haylock (Miss San Pedro 2002-2003), Felix Ayuso Jr. (San Pedro AIDS Commission President), Deona Armstrong (San Pedro AIDS Commission member) and Francisco Verde (San Pedro Lions Club President).
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