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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 10            March 20, 2003

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Lucia and Immer Campos

The country of Belize is renowned for the diversity of its plant life, and people in the community are relied upon to maintain the pristine look of their environment. This beautiful, seemingly unspoiled, "paradise" is part of the reason that visitors are drawn to San Pedro each year; some people come to the island to live, while others simply come to vacation. For this reason, the people who ensure that the island remains attractive, through beautification projects and by supplying plants for the island, are especially valuable. Immer & Lucia Campos from Riverwalk Gardens are two of these people whose goal is maintaining our picturesque environment. 

    Immer Campos was born in San Narciso, Corozal on the 29th of August, 1973. Immer received most of his knowledge of plant care from his mother, who had a garden of her own. In addition, Immer earned high grades in his primary school agricultural science class.

    In June of 1998, Immer Campos came to San Pedro Town and first worked for Caribbean Depot as a driver for about a year and a half. After that, he took up taxi driving for several months. It was during this time that he realized there was a market for a garden/nursery in San Pedro. In August of 1998, he returned to Corozal, to collect Lucia, his wife, whom he had married four years before, on December the 4th. Immer and Lucia then returned to San Pedro, and opened the Iris Nursery.

    Lucia Cituk was born February 2nd, 1972, in Corozal, and spent most of her young adult life there. She attended St. Francis Xavier Primary School, and went on to finish her high school education at Corozal Community College. She continued her studies at Corozal Junior College, where she completed an Associate's Degree in Business Management in June of 1994. She then worked for Johnny's Construction as a secretary for three years. Lucia arrived in San Pedro expecting to cook and sew for her husband, and instead, ended up using her business skills to help her husband succeed in his new business.

     Immer worked for two years at Iris Nursery, mostly by himself, during the long, hard hours selling plants such as hibiscus, bougainvillea, and other landscaping flora. While Immer worked tirelessly at the nursery, Lucia spent a year babysitting, and then worked for the Cottage Gift Shop for four months. Lucia soon found herself with an opportunity to obtain experience managing a business. At Paradise Villas, Lucia managed Gaz Cooper's four condos, and then at her next job at Playa Blanca, she managed Gaz Cooper's hotel and dive shop.

    December 10th, 2001 marked the day Lucia and Immer could finally work together. After two years at Iris Nursery, Immer was presented with an opportunity to buy Riverwalk Nursery. Riverwalk had a better location than Iris Nursery, (on Coconut Drive, in the San Telmo Area) and therefore the decision was made, that the couple would buy the business and rename it "Riverwalk Gardens". Although Immer had years of experience dealing with plants, Lucia was at a disadvantage. She relied heavily on the previous employee (Ms. Bina Kumul) to teach her to care for plants, and also used her background in business to help manage the accounts. Immer and Lucia now run the garden by importing plants from the mainland, and selling them locally to residents and tourists alike. Immer is now co-manager, marketer and salesperson for the business, which currently employs two other people. Riverwalk Gardens' services also include landscaping, yard maintenance, and pest extermination, as they are also certified Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) pest exterminators.

    Presently, Immer and Lucia are attempting to grow their own plants on the island, such as hibiscus, shore plants and lilies. The couple's most recent project, the Iris Flower Shop, is located across from Leslie's Hair Salon, in the San Juan area.

    Now that Immer and Lucia have settled into their businesses, they finally have more time to spend with their children: Immer Abra"n (5), and Iris Ariani (3) whom they like to take to the beach. Immer also likes to fish, while Lucia enjoys quiet time at home. Since the birth of their children, they have decided to give back to the island through community services. They recently donated plants to two beautification projects, one on the first block of Barrier Reef Drive and the second at the San Pedro Cemetery.

    Immer and Lucia Campos, a happily married couple for almost nine years, are a shining example of what two people can accomplish when they go into business for themselves. By living in harmony with the environment, Lucia and Immer Campos have ensured that paradise prevails in "Our Community".

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