Water problem solved again

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 14            April 17, 2003

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San Pedro's water supply was rationed again this past week due to a malfunction in the diesel-powered engine needed to drive the system at Belize Water Limited (BWL), the island desalination plant. According to BWL Manager Jim Kavanagh, one of the two diesel engines experienced a problem in the "actuator", a lubricating mechanism in the engine's governor which, in turn, determines the speed needed to pump water. Alerted to the fault, a brand new backup electrical-powered motor was put into service, but this unit failed to operate properly. Because of these factors, the desalination plant was operating at half capacity and could not produce enough fresh water to meet the island's usage. As a result, Belize Water Services found it necessary to ration the community's water supply with outages occurring throughout the weekend and lasting until Tuesday morning.

    According to Mr. Kavanagh, diesel mechanics from GENTRAC (a diesel equipment company) that were flown in early Monday morning, repaired the engine that same day. He made special mention of the crew from Belize Electricity Limited and praised the fast response they provided over the weekend when he requested assistance with a suspected voltage problem in the electric motor. This was determined not to be the source of the failure and further investigation of this motor's malfunction continues.

    Through this medium, Belize Water Limited assures the community that plans are in place to upgrade the desalination plant immediately following the Easter holidays. At that time, a temporary unit will be installed to supply power to one half of the plant enabling BWL to operate at full capacity and, at the same time, renovate and improve their system. When the first half is completed, the unit will be switched to power the alternate side, so that the entire plant may be upgraded, providing increased reliability for consumers.

    Reportedly, several professionals have assessed the immediate needs of the plant. Consultants from Consolidated Water Limited, the home office in the Cayman Islands, will also visit the island's desalination plant to oversee this project to its completion. Hopefully, the island's water woes will end when the project is finished.

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