Rosie Syme wins National Spelling Bee

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 20            May 29, 2003

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Belize's number one speller - Rosie Syme

Hard work and perseverance paid off last Friday as Rosie Syme of The Island Academy was named Belize's national spelling champion at the 9th Annual Coca-Cola Spelling Bee. Rosie snagged an early victory in the third round of competition by correctly spelling the winning words "geyser" and "succumb".

    This year's Spelling Bee competition represented Rosie's last chance to compete. After three long years of struggling, from Caye Zone winner and alternate speller, to second place in District competition, Rosie has climbed her way to success. This victory is the culmination of intense study and determination, and rightly deserved.

    Lorenzo Ku of Trinidad Government School in Orange Walk District placed second, while Juan Ramirez of Belize Elementary School came in third place.

    All three top spellers will receive grand prizes, which include three "fully-loaded" computer packages, three all-expenses paid tour packages to Chan-Chich Jungle Resort Lodge and various other Coca-Cola gift items.

    Rosie would like to thank her teacher, Peter Jackson, and her family who gave the support she needed to win the competition. She would also like to express gratitude to all her classmates who wore her picture on their T-shirts for support during the competition, and to everyone who made this event "exciting and fun."

    The San Pedro Sun congratulates Rosie Syme of The Island Academy for a "job well-done."
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