New Traffic Warden in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 23            June 19, 2003

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New Traffic Warden Baldemar Alpuche

Traffic challenges seem to be a constant issue on the island these days. Hopefully, some of these problems can be solved by San Pedro's new transport officer, Baldemar Alpuche. 

    Mr. Alpuche is the new officer in charge of maintaining the smooth flow of traffic in San Pedro. Originally from the Corozal District, Mr. Alpuche accepted the position of Traffic Warden I (Officer-in-Charge) as of Monday, May 5th, 2003. In this capacity, he is responsible for controlling traffic and the licensing of cars, trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, and any other motorized vehicle. Apart from this, he is also responsible for issuing Belize driver's licenses.

    Baldemar Alpuche has worked for the Traffic Department for past seven years. Before transferring to San Pedro he worked in Punta Gorda, Dangriga and Corozal. In all three areas he had the same position as Traffic Warden I. Mr. Alpuche plans to stay in San Pedro for at least one year, in order to implement some of his ideas for improving the island's traffic situation.

    Mr. Alpuche said, "I hope to strengthen the link between the San Pedro Police Department, the San Pedro Town Council and the Department of Transport during the time I'll be here."   

    The Traffic Warden commented that all of the revenues collected from tickets given to violators goes to the town council. The Traffic Department's newest project involves placing speed bumps in different sites around town. Already, they have constructed two new speed bumps: one near Marina's Store in San Telmo, and the other near Pany's Golf Cart Rentals on Pescador Drive. In the near future, they will place three more speed bumps along Coconut Drive between Marina's and the downtown area. Speed bumps are being constructed to slow traffic, making it safer for everyone walking or riding the streets.

         On behalf of the community, The San Pedro Sun welcomes Mr. Baldemar Alpuche to San Pedro. Anyone needing to contact the Traffic Warden for any reason may call the Transport Office at 226-2046.
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