United Women's Group promotes end to violence

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 13, No. 44            November 27, 2003

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United Women's Group members target local community

The United Women's Group of San Pedro joined other women's group in Belize and around the world in celebrating the "International Day to End Violence Against Women" on Tuesday, November 25th, 2003.

    Many activities were held in Belize including countrywide rallies and workshops. In San Pedro, the United Women's Group headed by Mrs. Dana Palma held an Open Day on Barrier Reef Drive in front of Annie's Deli. During the afternoon this group of determined ladies targeted the community of San Pedro to enlighten them on the topic, "Family Violence is Everyone's Business."

    The San Pedro United Women's Group emphasized the forms of family violence which include: Physical Abuse - slapping, kicking, punching, grabbing, hitting with objects, etc.; Emotional/Psychological Abuse - constant criticism, name calling, insults; Sexual Abuse - forcing someone to have sex when she/he does not want to, forcing her/him to have sex without protection, etc.; Economic Abuse - taking control of all financial resources, including the victim's own earned income; Social Abuse - controlling her/his activities, isolating her/him from friends and family.

    The local Women's Group also conducted a survey to find out what these women were most interested in learning during an upcoming 2004 Women's Department Training Program. Some of the potential skills to be offered include garment making, arts and crafts, food preparation, cosmetology and hairdressing, and self defense.

    In addition to the skills program, the SP Women's Group also obtained feedback on other subjects which they can address. Some of the potential workshops and seminars include: self esteem, moral values, discipline for children and adolescents, cycle of violence, teenage development (social, emotional, sexuality), teenage pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and other related topics.

    According to President Dana Palma, the response from the community has been very positive and following the studies of the survey, the SP United Women's Group will immediately begin to work on implementing these programs.

    Anyone wishing more information on the SP United Women's Group and their work may contact Mrs. Dana Palma at 226-2687 during normal working hours, or Ms. Rosario Tun at 608-1897.

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