Farewell Message from Leilah Pandy - Reina de la Costa Maya 2003-2004

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 27            August 5, 2004

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Reina de la Costa Maya 2002-2004 Leilah Pandy

Beloved San Pedro,

   Being La Reina de la Costa Maya has helped me to learn that nothing is unattainable. There were doubts from friends and family when I announced that I was entering the pageant last year. They advised me not to enter because it was too soon after the Miss Belize Pageant that was held in June. Despite the worries, I believed that I could capture the crown for Belize. I was, however, hesitant because I was not sure how the people of San Pedro would receive me.

   My fear was put to rest the night of Noche San Pedrana. When the host announced me, the cheers I got from the guests and audience WOWED me! I knew at once that San Pedro would be there to give me love and support. For this warm embrace, I say, "Muchisimas Gracias!"

   The San Pedro family has treated me like a true queen and whenever I am here on the island, I am greeted with applause and flowers. How spectacular it is to be YOUR REINA!

   I would like to thank the people of this beautiful island for giving me all that you have over this year. I also thank the staff and management of Ramonís Village for their excellent hospitality and high-class accommodations.

   Thanks to Maya Island Air and Tropic Air for their continued support and contributions over the past year. Lastly, to the committee of the Costa Maya Pageant, thank you for making my reign fulfilling.

   Que Viva Belice; Me Encanta San Pedro!

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