San Pedro celebrates a howling Halloween

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 38            November 4, 2004

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Adults also howled at the moon. The Holiday Hotel offered their annual costume contest.
Costumes and dancing at the Jaguar Paw.
Many little trick-or-treaters were seen walking through Front Street seeking candy and other goodies on Friday afternoon.
Children at Island Academy competed for best costumes.

San Pedro Town is no exception from many other places in the world and enjoys a good scare. Halloween 2004 was spectacularly spooky with events held for children of all ages. Businesses, homes and the town of San Pedro were adorned with black and orange decorations, witches, bats, black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, vampires and the occasional monster.

    To kick off the weekend festivities on Friday, were the students of ABC Pre-School with the traditional "trick or treat.” All of the school's students, parents and friends, haunted the streets of San Pedro visiting stores and businesses. The thrilling chant of "trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something sweet to eat,” was heard all over town as the group made its way through the streets.

    The students of the Island Academy held their own frightening event as they competed to win prizes for best costumes. Island Academy's students went to school completely covered in make-up, masks and costumes; each class competed for the best costumes in different categories, such as scariest, fairest maiden, most look-a-like, and most creative. Standards V and VI provided the rest of the school and parents with a special "scare”, inviting all who dared to go through their spooky house.

    On Saturday afternoon, tots and children gathered at the ABC Pre-school grounds to enjoy the Annual Halloween Bazaar. The fair was infested with ghosts, witches, and devils running around scaring each other, along with the kids' favorites, such as Spiderman, Hulk, and Princesses. The ever-popular games, such as tombola and fishpond entertained the young goblins for hours. It was a howling night, which include delicious rice and beans, cheese dip, a variety of cakes and many choices of food aimed at tempting the "young'uns” to take a bite. Prizes were awarded for the following: Most Original – Patrick Caseres - Hulk, Most Creative – Danny Itza – Zorro, Funniest – Rochel Hancock – Nun, Cutest – Alamilla – Kitty.

    The annual "haunts to be” such as The Holiday Hotel, adorned their establishment with lavish decorations, and invited local ghosts and witches, as well as visitors, to celebrate this spooky occasion. Holiday Hotel's Halloween Party last Saturday was filled with grown-ups donning their most grisly and gruesome disguises, phantoms and spirits of the dark provided much entertainment during the night. Winning the Grand Prize for Most Creative was Alba Deli Heredia for her costume, "Popeye.” Other wonderful prizes were awarded to the following: Scariest – Jazelie Azueta "Massacre Table,” Most Elegant – "The African Cannibal” (unknown) Funniest – Wil Alamilla Jr. as the popular children's character "Dora the Explorer,” Manager's Favorite – "The Warrior Queens” (unknown) Judges' Favorite – Stephanie Dalton, Kristen Stelljes, Laurie Smith and Cordelia Shal as the "The Wizard of Oz”and Group Theme – Tropic Air pilots as "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

    All in all, it was a spooky spectacular Halloween 2004; see you next year when we "scare up” some fun for Halloween 2005!
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