Kristy Samuels Miss Garifuna 2004/2005

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 40            November 18, 2004

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The new Miss Garifuna 2004 is Kristy Samuels crowned by 2002 Miss Garifuna Miss Ella Carr.
Excellent drummers and singers entertained the crowd.
Contestants had fun while performing traditional Garifuna dances.

Music, history and pageantry filled the air in Central Park Saturday night as four lovely young ladies displayed their beautiful culture and tradition. To "jump start" the celebrations of Garifuna Settlement Day, the San Pedro Garifuna Council organized the Miss San Pedro Garifuna Pageant 2004. Kristy Samuels, Sharlett Welch, Paula Martinez, and Cindy Valentine proudly displayed their knowledge of Garifuna through dance, costume, and language.

    CLICK HERE to watch a one-minute video clip from the Garifuna Pageant. (High Speed Internet connection recommended, 9mb download).

    After a lovely rendition of the National Anthem in Garinagu by Miss Garifuna 2002-2004 Ella Carr, the talented contestants followed strict guidelines using gestures and fancy footwork while dancing the Hugu Hugu, Chumba, Paranda and Punta, theatrically depicting traditional life in Garifuna history. These graceful ladies were allowed to speak in Garinagu only. The four judges awarded points to contestants who were fluent in their language and dances. "It has to be natural, not choreographed," stated Judge Julia Martinez.

    Masters of Ceremonies, Kemory Castillo and Domingo Perez introduced the girls and their striking presentations. Through the festive night, the beauties showcased the traditional Garinagu attires worn by women during morning, evening and night. For the Chumba presentation, the talented dancers depicted a part of the Garifuna lifestyle washing, fishing, agriculture and the special care they give their elderly.

    After a brief question and answer session, Miss Ella Carr then joined the contestants on stage for a combination dance, which included all their traditional beats. A charming serenade by Noel Oliver was offered to the contestants after their dance. Through the course of the night, the Temptation Girls and the San Pedro Dance Company also gave dance performances.

    All were waiting for the moment when the winner would be announced. First runner up was awarded to Sharlett Welch and the new Miss Garifuna 2002/2004 was Kristy Samuels. To everyone's delight, Miss Ella Carr crowned her beautiful successor.

    The Pageant kicked off a countrywide celebration commemorating Garifuna Settlement Day. The San Pedro Garifuna committee has planned special events throughout the month of November in commemoration of this special holiday.
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