Tis the season to give soccer equipment

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 45            December 23, 2004

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Students at San Pedro's Lydia's School of Fine Education (LIFE) were surprised when gifts were showered onto them from a visitor from the North. No, it wasn't from Santa Clause, but a 17-year-old student from California who donated hundreds of dollars in soccer equipment to the children of San Pedro.

     Cameron Brinitzer is a senior student attending school in Sacramento California. He has a passion for playing soccer and knew that the sport is very popular in Central America. As part of a senior project, he collected new and almost new soccer equipment from friends and businesses in his community. When traveling to San Pedro with his family for vacation last week, he brought three huge duffle bags packed full of soccer cleats, soccer balls, shin guards and nets to donate while visiting.

     "It was awesome!" exclaimed Cameron, reflecting on giving away the equipment to the kids. "At first the kids didn't realize what I was doing. Once they understood I was giving it to them they got really excited about it," he said.

     In an interview with The San Pedro Sun, he was asked why he chose this as a project. Cameron said, "I've grown up with soccer and have always had easy access to equipment. But, down here there is the same love for the game, but it is much harder to get equipment. I wanted to share something that I've always had with those that share the same love for the game, but maybe not the same privilege that I have," he explained.

     Cameron plans to go onto college next year and is presently getting recruited by many colleges to play soccer for them. The San Pedro Sun congratulates Cameron for his gesture and wishes him the best in all his future endeavors!!!

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