Restructuring of the Cabinet

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 14, No. 46            December 30, 2004

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Press Release – December 28th, 2004 – Belmopan -
Following consultations with his Ministers, the Prime Minister has decided to reduce the size of the Cabinet effective December 29th, 2004. The Cabinet will be reduced from 16 members to 12. This is in keeping with Government’s commitment to good governance and the streamlining of Government’s operations to ensure more efficiency, transparency and accountability.

    The new Cabinet will comprise the following: 1) Hon. Said Musa – Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Defence 2) Hon. John Briceño – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment 3) Hon. Francis Fonseca - Attorney General, Minister of Education (Culture, Youth and Sports) 4) Hon. Godfrey Smith – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism (Foreign Trade, NEMO and Information) 5) Hon. Vildo Marin – Minister of Health, Energy and Communications (including Commerce and Industry) 6) Hon. Ralph Fonseca – Minister of Home Affairs and Investment (Commercial Free Zones and Export Processing Zones) 7) Hon. Jose Coye – Minister of the Public Service, Works and Transport 8) Hon. Servulo Baeza – Minister of Housing 9) Hon. Sylvia Flores – Minister of Human Development 10) Hon. Michael Espat – Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries 11) Hon. Marcial Mes – Minister of Local Government, Labour and Rural Development 12) Hon. Assad Shoman – Minister of National Development.

    Ministers of State: Hon. Ainslie Leslie – Natural Resources Hon. Dave Burgos – Agriculture Hon. Ismael Cal – Home Affairs Hon. Rodwell Ferguson – Tourism.

    Ministers of State are not members of Cabinet, but may attend Cabinet meetings at the invitation of the Prime Minister.

    A meeting of Cabinet is scheduled for Tuesday, January 4th, 2005.
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