Youth in Our Community
Roxanna Bradley

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 2            January 11, 2005

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Over the years, Ambergris Caye has seen its share of helpful youth. There are plenty of young adults who are willing to make a positive difference in their surroundings. This week, The San Pedro Sun proudly introduces one talented young woman who has done a tremendous amount of work with one of the island's most prestigious titles – Miss San Pedro 2004-2005, Miss Roxanna Bradley.

     Roxanna was born in Belize City to parents, Yvonne and George Bradley on June 10th, 1986. Born into a family that consisted of one sister, Samantha, "Roxie," as she is known, grew up on "La Isla Bonita." She fondly recalls enjoying the clear waters surrounding the island and her love for music and dancing.

     Roxie attended three schools during her primary school years. First, she attended Ambergris Preparatory School, which was located in front of the San Pedro High School until Standard II. She then enrolled into the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, which she attended up to Standard V. For her final year of elementary schooling, Roxie attended Maestro Reyes' School of Knowledge, successfully completing her studies in 1999.

     During that same year, Roxie began taking lessons with the San Pedro Dance Company. She and her peers practiced various musical routines, which they would present to the community on special events.

     For her secondary schooling, Roxie decided to make the move to Belize City where she attended Saint Catherine's Academy, an all girls' high school where she majored in General Studies. Her life in Belize was different than in San Pedro because she was away from home and had responsibilities to take care of.

     In 2000, Roxie received the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin, USA as a part of a dance exchange program. In Wisconsin, Roxanna and her dance mates shared their talent and exchanged musical interests with students from the area. They learned different styles in music, such as Jazz and Tap.

     Upon her return, Roxie once again immersed herself in her studies. At St. Catherine's, Roxie took up cheerleading as an extracurricular activity and proudly graduated from the Academy in 2003.

     After graduating, Roxie decided to pursue higher education and enrolled at Saint John's College Junior College in Belize City where she presently attends, and is majoring in General Studies.

     Because of her time schedule, Roxie could not continue to dance with the Dance Company. However, in September 2004, Roxie received an opportunity to return to the stage. She was approached to participate in the Miss San Pedro pageant. At first, she was skeptical to take part in this event, but then, through her family's support she decided to do it. According to Roxie it was a ‘last minute decision', which left her little time to campaign and prepare for the pageant. Roxie and four other contestants were taught how to walk correctly on stage, how to pose and how to stand properly; things all beauty contestants have to learn. Roxie encourages other young women to partake in pageants, because it builds self-esteem and it is a fun experience.

     On September 3rd, 2004, before a large gathering at the Old Football Field, Roxie was named Miss San Pedro 2004-2005. And, on September 21st, she was officially crowned Miss San Pedro during the September Independence Day Celebrations. She gladly accepted the crown and the duties along with it. Being Miss San Pedro, Roxie says, "It's given me confidence to go out there and meet new people because I am normally shy." Winning the crown, she says, has been one of her greatest achievements.

     In her free time, Roxie enjoys water sports, watching any kind of movie that interests her, particularly comedy and action, reading, and photography, baking, and drawing. As San Pedro's beauty ambassador, she has attended many events such as the big OnCor Fundraiser, with various Miss Worlds. Through OnCor she assisted in raising funds to be used specifically for projects at The Sister Cecilia Home for The Elderly in Belize City, The Octavia Waight Old Folk's Home in Cayo and The Dangriga HIV/AIDS Society. Roxie figures that she has not made a big enough change on the island, but has hopes that she is a role model for young girls who want to partake in the pageant.

     Roxie has plans to study abroad, and realize her goal and dream of being an architect and/or interior designer, which is a long-standing passion. She feels that there is a need for these services in our country. For the time being, as Miss San Pedro, she still has many plans for the final eight months of her reign. Due to the unfortunate tsunami disaster affecting millions of people across the ocean, Roxie is in the process of starting some sort of a drive to assist those who need our help now. Although, plans are still sketchy at the moment, she has the idea of sending food over to the victims. Even though it is still in limbo, she realizes that in the long run, it will benefit those victims.

     Roxie is a young, dedicated woman with many responsibilities on her shoulder. An exemplary student, wonderful sister and daughter with a genuine interest in the good of San Pedro Town and its people. Miss San Pedro, Roxanna Bradley is a without a doubt a magnificent ambassador and an outstanding "Youth in Our Community."
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