Boca del Rio Bridge?

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 5            February 3, 2005

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Last Thursday, the Boca del Rio ferry was temporarily closed for the day to allow renovations on one of the ramps. That same day, Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. was a guest speaker at the weekly Chamber of Commerce luncheon. During the meeting, he attempted to shed some light on the upcoming bridge that many have been speculating about.

     Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. explained to Chamber members that plans are currently underway to build a bridge to connect the north and south sides of San Pedro Town. This bridge is being financed by Senator Barry Bowen and Medina's Construction is the company hired to build it. The plan consists of a thirty-foot wide bridge with ferrous concrete landings and made of hot tip galvanized steel. The bridge will boast four separate aisles, two on each side for pedestrian crossing and two for vehicular traffic. A high water tide clearance of eight feet will be allowed for boat traffic and the pillars supporting the structure will be forty feet apart. This bridge will be of sturdy enough construction to allow for all types of vehicles, however, only pedestrians, golf carts and bicycle will be allowed to use it. It will be built accommodate emergency vehicles.

     A toll will be charged and construction is expected to begin in a few weeks. Mr. Heredia told the group that the ferry will not be removed but will remain in place for future use when the bridge needs to be worked upon.
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