Public Transportation A Reality?

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 15            April 14, 2005

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San Pedro Town was ecstatic about the idea of having a trolley running through the streets of town. Controversy started to arise when several taxi owners began reporting irregularities in the manner the trolley was being conducted. Due to the concerns and complaints, a letter was issued to The Reef Radio’s Morning Show from that the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce (ACCC) informing parents that the trolley was no longer in operation.

    On Thursday, April 7th, Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee Chairman, Milo Paz held a meeting with the Town Administrator Patty Verde, Area Representative Manuel Heredia, Ambergris Caye Chamber and Commerce President, Tom Vidrine and the various Taxi Association to discuss the future of the six-seater golf cart being used for public transportation.

    In an interview with Milo Paz, he explained, “we all find the need in operating the six-seater trolley to benefit the schoolchildren.” Although, a small fee of about 25 to 50 cents will be charged, it is necessary to charge because of the trolley maintenance and equipment they have to pay for. The taxi federation agreed to help the Chamber in lowering the cost of the trolley and looks forward in helping the community. Also, the taxi federation came to the conclusion of providing four taxi’s to run and pick up workers from point A, which is Boca Del Rio, to point B, which is Victoria House, with a small fee of two dollars. “In two weeks, the trolley should be up and running, because we are deciding on the schedule and the stop areas for the taxi and trolley to run,” he stated.

    The taxi federation asked ACCC for assistance including providing signage, advertisement and planning to make this a good viable solution. As a result, signs indicating “bus stop” or “trolley stop” will be placed at certain locations such as Boca Del Rio and DFC Subdivision. Regular runs will be implemented at specific times and will run from Victoria House to Boca Del Rio.

    A press release issued by ACCC stated that the organization feels that this is a huge success and definitely a landmark in the history of San Pedro.

    The public is asked to be patient with the process, as they are working non-stop to set the schedule and stop areas so as to make the operation a success. This is certainly the first step in working together for the betterment of the island’s residents.
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