Reef Week 2005

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 17            April 28, 2005

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The Hol Chan Marine Reserve’s Reef Week 2005 was a spectacular success this year.  It started on Monday, April 18th with a primary school competition that gave standard five students the opportunity to test their knowledge on Hol Chan, coral reefs and mangrove ecosystems. 

   The participants were:

  • Alfonso Wiltshire & Nikisha Gongora from St. Peters
  • Emmanuel Samos & Sherry Lynn Bodden from RC School
  • Gaby Miranda from New Horizons Academy
  • Michelle Nunez & Lexy Kjorline from Island Academy
  • Alex Escalante & Ruben Gonzales from LIFE

   The winners:

  • 1st place: Lexy Kjorline from Island Academy
  • 2nd place: Michelle Nunez from Island Academy
  • 3rd place: Emmanuel Samos from RC School

      Thank you to all those who participated this year! Everyone did a wonderful job. Thank you to our sponsors for providing exciting prizes for the students: Caribena Enterprises, Tropic Air, Castillo’s Hardware, Harmouch Hardware and Captain Shark’s.

      Tuesday, April 19th and Thursday April 21th: Students from Island Academy, LIFE and St. Peters came together to clean the San Pedrito area. The students worked very hard and cleaned an extensive area, afterwards enjoying a hard earned lunch provided by Town Council. Thank you to Mayoress Elsa Paz and her foreman, Mr. Carmen, for all their help and cooperation.

   The coral reef puppet show on Wednesday, “El Cofre de Piratlilla,” was a highlight for many students. The professionally done show was performed by Ms. Alejandra, an actress from Mexico City who travels with staff members from Cancun’s National Park and Banco Chincorro to educate children about the importance of the coral reef.  Thank you to all the schools that were able to attend the performances!

   Reef Week culminated in a celebration of Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd with displays and games at Lion’s Den, highlighting the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and all the sea creatures found in the reserve.  Thank you to all the schools who were able to experience Earth Day with us!
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