Margarita Lara-Mother of the Year!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 15, No. 19            May 12, 2005

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To honor all local mothers, the San Pedro Town Council held their annual Mother's Day celebration last Sunday evening. The old football field (Sacachispas) was filled to capacity with hundreds of mothers in attendance enjoying this special day.

    Upon entering the gate, mothers received a beautiful rose pin and a raffle ticket, which would allow them the chance to win one of over twenty prizes. Masters of Ceremonies for this festive gala were Reef Radio's own disc jockeys Medardo Rodriguez and Luis Romero, who proudly took center stage. The stage was beautifully adorned with gorgeous lights, floral arrangements, and a gorgeous backdrop with the words "Happy Mother's Day" in big, bold, colorful letters. To start the night, Father Jim Blount blessed all mothers present and led them in prayer.

    Mayor Elsa Paz then gave a brief welcome address, inviting those gathered to have a grand old time. Before, during and after dinner, the San Pedro Dance Company and Barbara's Dance Group entertained the mothers and had them tapping their feet along with the music. Skits and songs were performed by a variety of island school children, all wishing the special women a joyful Mother's Day. Paula Medina also graced the audience with her melodic voice, dedicating a special song for all the mothers. Wil & the Tequila Trio were also on hand to entertain those present with their own ballads and renditions of more popular songs.

    The anticipated main event was the appearance of Merida's finest comedians "Dzereco & Nohoch." Their entertaining stand up comedy blew away the minds of all, while laughter echoed through the air. The duo took the stage for about an hour, and in that hour, they had the mothers all bursting with laughter and smiles.

    Beautifully wrapped gifts were handed out to the mothers in attendance over the course of the evening. Prizes were awarded for the best mother/daughter look-alike, mother with the whitest hair, mother with three generations of her family present, oldest mother and first mother to arrive at the gala. There were also special prizes given out to those fortunate enough to get specially marked chairs or plates of food. Gate prizewinners excitedly accepted their prizes that included a microwave, hampers, lamps, frames, and gift certificates, among others, which were raffled throughout the entire night. Laughter echoed through the old football field as both Masters of Ceremonies kept "mommies" amused through the entire fun-filled night.

    The announcement everybody was waiting for was of the Mother of the Year 2005. This year's number one mother was Mrs. Margarita Lara. A well-respected, wonderful mother, Mrs. Lara received a number of prizes including $500 cash, a Mother of the Year plaque and a bouquet of flowers. Mrs. Lara is a proud mother of nine, resides in San Pedro, but hails from Belmopan. In her acceptance speech to the public, she exclaimed, "I am proud, but at the same time nervous, because I did not expect this to happen, God has blessed me once again."

    The organizers of this special Mother's Day Celebration 2005 would like to thank all the sponsors, entertainers and volunteers who made this year's spectacular event an unforgettable and magical one!
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